Airport Transportation

Any ideas for reasonable transport from Long Beach or John Wayne airport? 3 adults, 4 children. Would love to surprise the kids with a limo! There are so many options, don’t know where to start. Thanks!g

I’ve used ExecuCar (the limo brand for SuperShuttle) a couple of times from LAX and SNA to and from DLR. Nothing beats being met at luggage carousels by a driver! You would have to ask them if they can get 7 into one vehicle.

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We have used ExecuCar too, as well as the Disneyland bus. Both worked well.

My kid liked the bus, but it doesn’t go late. It will drop you off at each of DLR hotels, if you are staying onsite. If you are staying off-site, they have designated pick-up and drop off places, so you may have to walk to your hotel. So you will want to check it out before planning to use it.

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