Airport transportation options for 2 adults and a 5 year old

What’s the best option for getting to and from the airport to Cabana Bay resort. We are 2 adults and a 5 year old, who will still be in a car booster seat.

We are purchasing a package from Universal, and a shuttle is offered for an extra $105 total. Is that our best option since a taxi won’t usually have a booster seat in it?

Post on the Universal chat part of the app. Someone on there will know. Also specify if the shuttle is their bus service or the car service. we used Universal car service to return to airport but had car for first part. We didn’t have to book it was $55 plus tip for private black car service which they have at hotels.

Use Destination MCO. We actually booked them via the concierge at Portafino (although we didn’t stay in concierge). They were awesome!! Asked for towncar - but a larger SUV came. It was exceptionally clean, driver offered us water / soda. Had soft music playing. It was about $80 (included tip). We used the same company to get to WDW for the balance of our stay and then to get back to MCO.

Plus is was just a much more personal experience. The driver greeted us at baggage claim, helped us with the luggage and then he was parked in a “special” area that was just steps away. The whole thing was just more relaxed and “upscale” than a taxi and shuttle.

Think this is the car company that uni have onsite that we used to go to Airport.

I think so - they were who Portafino called for me - they were great!!

It instantly put me in vacation mode and I felt like we “arrived” at the resort instead of being dropped off - HA

Do you know what the rate is for booking a round trip service?

That will really depend on the number of people, the exact location you get dropped of at and the time of day. I paid $78 for 4 people late at night. I would think around 140 - 160 total round trip. Here is their number - 1.866.271.6176

Just an option, but we bought this inflatable booster seat for our booster-age kid on our last trip to Universal. It was perfect.