Airport to Hotel Transportation Options - Need Opinions Please!

Heading to WDW in February…family of 7 (kids 9, 5 and 16 months) plus my parents who have never been out of NYS! Flying SW and staying offsite at Disney Springs hotel for first four nights and then transferring to on site hotel at Universal for six nights and then flight back.

We used Happy Limo in the past and had some issues from MCO to our hotel…driver was super late, we had a terrible time getting a hold of the office to find out where driver was and then he drove like crazy. To top it off he then went off route so he could stop at the office to pick up a car seat for the next pickup he had, which increased our travel time and it was awkward sitting in the parking lot while he went into the office to retrieve what he needed. Transfer back to MCO at end of trip was much better and driver was fantastic and entertained the kids with his Donald Duck voice and jokes!

I’m torn about whether to use Happy Limo again as some of the reviews I have seen as of lately are leaning more like experiences we had the first time around. We have three transfers we need to try to accomplish somewhat smoothly and would love suggestions!

I’ve used Tiffany Towncars in 2016 and 2018 and been very happy with the service both times.

Why not use the Minnie Vans?

Minnie Vans are owned by Disney and drove by Cast Members. I don’t see them dropping a family off at Universal anytime soon.

I wish I had some advice - other than to say I would go with your gut and not use that service again. You’ll find something a lot better.

You might want to just try Uber. I believe they allow you to pick a driver who has a car seat already in the car and it should be cheaper/quick and easy.

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I used Access Line Transpotation in May for transportation from the airport to our onsite hotel and return trip. They had a car seat for my 2 year old daughter and also had a complimentary stop at Publix on the way to our hotel. Both drivers were very professional, friendly, and prompt. They also had a wide variety of cars. We had a town car to the hotel and a large SUV on the way back to the airport.

Thank you all for your feedback!

We had several great experiences with Happy Limo and they were our go to service for a while. Then we had one experience where they picked us up in a vehicle that was definitely not in the category we ordered, the driver spent a while removing car seats while we waited and when we finally got into the vehicle, it was covered in mushed Cheerios and other assorted foods/drinks. We were really put off by it. We did the Minnie Vans the last 2 Disney trips, but this time we’re going to Universal first. We’re using the new service promoted by Magical Vacations Travel, TranSmart Transportation Group. We got an amazing discounted rate through MVT so we’ll see how it goes. We’re using them to Universal, then from Universal to Disney, and back to the airport. I’m hoping it was a good decision.

The original post said she was going to WDW first. Thats’ why I recommended Minnie Vans.

OP said she’s staying offsite at DS hotel, which won’t work for Minnie Vans per Disney’s site:

“Service is not available for the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Four Seasons Orlando, Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, Walt Disney World Gateway Hotels and Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels.”

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We just got back last week from our trip. During the trip we used an uberXL with a car seat which is an option in the Orlando area. The total for the trip from mco to Wdw was about $49. I realize you may not all fit in one but you could do a combination of Uber xl and x…