Airport to hotel and back

64 days till our Disney trip!!! The only thing I haven’t gotten sorted out is how to get from the airport to our hotel, the Melia Orlando at Celebration. Any suggestions?

We used transportation by Mike. In airport pickup and right on time, it was nice.

I would rent a car, as that gives you flexible transportation to the parks.

Depends on your budget… There are Taxis, Mears Transportation, or you could rent a car for the time you are down there.

Having the car could be a plus so you can venture out to shops, or restaurants off Disney property. And could be helpful depending if your resort has a shuttle to WDW, and what its schedule is. Just check if your resort has a parking fee, and remember parking at Disney Parks costs $20 per day.

We don’t want to rent a car, and I didn’t think we could use Mears if we weren’t staying on Disney property?

Here is some info on using Uber and Lyft if you want to go that route:

So where are you going to need transportation to and why do you not necessarily want to rent a car? That will help in providing information

I would like to use one of those services but I’ve heard that they aren’t allowed to pick up from the airport?

If you are looking for simple car service back and forth from MCO to your hotel - I HIGHLY recommdend DestinationMCO.
We used it when we had a split stay between Universal (Shhhh don’t tell anyone) and WDW. The concierge at Universal set it up. It was PERFECT. I always ordered a Sedan - but a larger vehicle always showed up (NO extra charge). Vehicles were clean, drivers were in suits/ties and there were refreshments and light jazz playing. Additionally they met you at luggage and helped out. Price was reasonable (can’t remember exactly what it was). However it was worth it and it instantly put you in RELAX mode.

@bunnyluv, click on the link and read the entire article. It talks about that. There are certain versions of Uber that can pick up at Orlando airport…
How to use Uber, Lyft and Minnie Van in Orlando/Disney World (plus get discounts for new riders)

You can. Mears is not Disney. Yes, sometimes Disney has used Mears buses on the Magical Express line (like if Disney needed extra buses), but they are separate.

Really it comes down to Mears or other shuttle service, Taxi, or Uber/Lyft type services as your only other options, unless your hotel has some kind of transport. (I’m guessing they don’t since you are asking?)

I see that the Melia offers “Private Car Services transport guests within the area of Celebration, such as the center of Celebration village, and shopping outlets, just minutes away. In addition, shuttles take guests to and from the entrance of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World based on a fixed schedule.” so that will help with shopping (publix, 5 guys, etc) and park trips. SO yeah, I can see why you might not want to rent a car.

I believe they have recently gotten the “ok” to pick up riders at MCO. I’d use Uber or Lyft without question. Had great experiences with Uber on our last trip. You MIGHT only be able to select a certain level of car, please check on that yourself for the correct info. On our last trip, uber was not “allowed” to pick up from mco, so we used a car service. It was excellent, but cost around 100 dollars from mco to Swan (with a decent tip, and a stop for groceries.) We ubered back to mco, and I don’t recall the exact price, but I’m sure it was less than half of that, easily.

We need to get to the hotel from the airport. We are using Uber to get to the parks, we don’t want to worry about driving while we are there.

I do highly recommend Destination MCO then,

I am always curious about the driving - I am (truthfully) not judging - just curious why there is an aversion to driving. I know we recently went to London and there was NO WAY I would drive (it was hard enough to look the correct way when crossing the street)