Airlines at it again....where to stay?

Soooo Spirit just changed my 8:40pm flight to a 7am one after I added a day onto my WDW ticket and booked the 8:45am WAT. Of course I moved my flight to the next morning since 7am is now their standard flight time (they only have one direct flight to from MCO–>AUS a day). Now where to stay that last night? Do I add a night at BWI so we have a room to go back to during the middle of the day and add park hoppers and we could hit up MK which is open till 11pm that night after a midday rest or do I add a night at the airport Hyatt so we can roll out of bed and into the Clear line at security since the flight is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO early. (I really hate early flights…I only like to wake up early for Disney and nothing else!).

Pro of BWI: We have a room to go back to in the hottest part of the day as this is for mid-June.
Pro of Hyatt: Sleep in a bit the next morning and much cheaper…like much much much cheaper.


  • Hyatt MCO
  • BWI

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How many days are you in MK during the trip besides this potential one?

For a 7am flight you’ll need to leave WDW property by 4am which for me would mean out of bed by 330. :face_vomiting: There are plenty of cool, relaxing places to lounge midday if you need to. I’d save some money and gain some sleep by sleeping at MCO


0 (It’s my least fave park and the only one of us who has never been just went to Disneyland with us last October so much of what is there that’s good he’s done at the better park like PoC and Space Mtn. He did only get to see the holiday overlay of HM and BTMR was down and no 7DMT so there would be some new experiences for him there. He’s 18yo so more into the thrills than the Dumbos)

I know one of which in AK I will not say its name… :wink:


Absolutely there is that.
There’s also this AMAZING resort just 5 mins away that offers some super incredible nooks where you could chill and even nap


ooooo a Sanaa late lunch…yum!

And even a bunch of spaces that are 100% free, no charge to use

yes but bread…yummy bread…I wonder how much they feed you on WAT…I need to go research that again because bread…