Airline prices

Is there some reason airline prices are going up and up? I thought with us beyond COVID, and revenge travel, ticket prices would start to drop…but I keep seeing them going up…and as we get closer to our trip for next March, the ticket prices keep climbing. But when I look at the seat maps for the flights, they are not even close to filled up. Generally just a handful of seats have been sold.

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I find sales with SW every so often, but that still only saves about 33%. My flights go from $325 to $215. (Which is closer to what they used to be)

I have started using points from my past trips, so that helps. I’ll probably switch to a points card full time when I’m done with my Disney Rewards points.

Just in the past 4 week, the ticket prices have jumped twice. Was in the $300s. And now over $500…for the same flights.


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Because the airline industry sucks

That is all.


I’m seeing this too - for May 2024 with American Airlines. The flights I wanted jumped $200 for an one way ticket but the flights are practically empty. I’m really really hoping the prices come back down…but if not, I’ll be looking at different airports for my trip.

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I haven’t noticed real increases in prices, but I have noticed the prices not dropping from the baseline southwest price of my local airport to MCO. The return flights for September have dropped, but the outbound is pretty much the same. I have seen a few flight times have prices that are above the baseline, but I figure all the cheaper seats have been taking.

I did see JetBlue prices for NYC to MCO drop to 99 each way for Feb dates.

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This is my experience as well…

Whatever it is, I don’t like it. I found a great fare in May for a trip we might take in early March, but it was far too early to book. Now the price has gone up a lot for the original return flight and up by less for a much later return. I’m hoping it will drop again over the next few months.

Fuel prices are a huge driver of airline ticket increases.

When oil prices goes up, jet fuel costs go up and airline tickets follow.




I’ve observed the same. I’ve been watching flight prices for a January trip and it’s been all price increases since the flights were released.

I think their labor cost have also increased - baggage handlers, gate agents, etc. The prices are insane right now. We did not get APs b/c of flight costs being so high. We can afford the APs, but once you factor in the flights, each trip is multiple thousands of dollars, and we live 16-hours away.

Seems like day of the week for each leg has a much bigger impact on final cost than it ever has before.

There are a couple threads where people post airfare sales. I’m a SW person. This is the current one I’m following. No sales as of today. I’m hoping for something to drop after schools go back / Labor Day

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