Airline check in at WDW resorts

This is a pretty specific question but I wonder if anybody else has experienced this issue. Last trip, we flew JetBlue. We paid for the Even More Space / Even More Speed seats. The Even More Speed can be a nice benefit at Logan Airport because you get to move past most of the typically long lines at security. It also works at MCO.

However . . . for our trip home, we let the resort print our boarding passes for us. The boarding pass did NOT indicate “Even More Speed” on it. It does if you print directly from JetBlue. Therefore (I think) the MCO security people did not allow us to move to the shorter security line. JetBlue personnel know which seats are Even More Speed but the security people, understandably, do not.

Has anybody else experienced this? I wonder if I’m better off printing the boarding passes from a JetBlue kiosk at MCO. We’re flying JB again next trip and purchased Even More Speed tix for both legs of the trip. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Sorry I don’t know the answer, but I’m very interested in this, as this is exactly what I’m doing (more speed & was going to check in at the resort on the return trip).

Thanks for asking a great question; hope somebody w/experience can answer.

I haven’t heard of any more speed. TSA has a pre-check process (biometric I think) that can help. We always check-in a day before using a smartphone app which also has the boarding pass. We’ve done this at MCO and like being able to go straight to our gate.

We had those seats 2 weeks ago tickets were printed at WL and on our door 24 hrs before flight. Had speed printed on bottom right corner of tickets Maybe go to guest services and ask about it before they print it out

I suppose you could also wait in line at the JetBlue counter as MCO to get new boarding passes issued, so you wouldn’t have to wait in a security line. But that’s like waiting in line to avoid a line, which come to think of it, is a lot like the additional FPP options… :frog:

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Thanks. That’s good to know.