Airline cancels 34% of flights leaving MCO looking like a hurricane shelter

If your able to drive to Orlando might consider it less headache inducing. I’m assuming certain airports are struggling to staff end of summer rushed vacationers.


Wow. Makes me even more glad that we drive.

I’d already be in an Uber on Expedia booking hotels and extending my park tickets.



my mother just called me, freaking out, because she saw this story. She leaves for Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow via Spirit and that is another airport that has been affected by this. I told her not to panic until she hears something specific to her flight, but she’s already got it set in her head that she will not be able to fly (she was going down ahead of us to spend time with a friend who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.)

We are driving and leaving on Friday night or Saturday early AM, so she has our vehicle as a backup way to get down there but she was looking forward to a 2 hour flight vs a 17 hour drive. She doesn’t care if she gets stranded while in Florida because she can just extend her vacation and visit with her friend more.


I have friends flying down Saturday to MCO from Philadelphia. They are questioning loading up the car and driving down Friday. We are flying Allegient out of Lehigh Valley and into Sanford, so not worried . . . . yet.

Good luck to your mom!!

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WOOF. What a nightmare!

I just flew Spirit a few weeks ago in and out of MCO.

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My oldest daughter flew into Columbus last night from MCO. Her flight was delayed multiple times but she got home. She said MCO was a mad house and people were freaking out.

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With school starting in certain districts and employers not being understanding I hope people still manage to keep calm.

I’m sure it gets people worried when spirit is 40 bucks but other carriers would ask for 150-200 a seat. Some can afford to pay 600 to grab a flight by a competition airline (fam of 4). But spirit is bare bones cheap. Most might not have savings with most Americans going paycheck to check.

Industry wide is having regrow pains now that travel picked up.

Well, my mom’s flight this morning was cancelled. Luckily she got notified as she was getting ready to leave for the airport- there are reports of people not knowing until boarding time!!! She has not been able to get through for either a refund or to reschedule. I fear that she is contemplating not coming with us, which makes me want to cancel too. One of the main purposes of this trip was for her to have a vacation with us (We always vacation with DH’s family)

That bites.

I’m so sorry! I hope she goes with you or can schedule a different airline and gets her money back.

Is it only spirit with issues or are other airlines cancelling too? This has me worried.

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American is having the same issues.

As of right now, they are only refunding her the flight from Cleveland to Florida. They won’t refund her the flight back because they technically only issue one way tickets (if you buy a “round trip,” it is actually two one way tickets and not a round trip itinerary… at least that is my understanding.) She is so furious now that she does not want the flight back. They are not rescheduling, only offering refunds, because they have no flights to reschedule to. Other airlines are five times what my mom paid, so she can’t just hop onto another airline. I’ve honestly never seen her so mad and frustrated, she is usually very easy going but I think this was the last straw for her.

Right now the plan is for her to drive with us and deal with the airline when we get back. I’m thinking the return flight will also be cancelled and she will eventually get a refund with a bit of persistence


Wow, that’s tricky And terrible.

Is it cheaper to take amtrak or a car. I don’t think I could stomach a greyhound that far.


We looked into amtrak and it’s more expensive for us all and takes more time. She won’t take Amtrak alone. We were already planning on driving, so it’s not a huge stretch to just have her hop in with us. I’m just worried about her knee, she has to stretch it often, but we’ll just have to build in a lot of rest stops