Aircraft question (bswan, are you out there?)


Everytime we've flown JetBlue, we've been on an Airbus 320. On our next trip, one leg will be in one of their Embraer 190s. It's a smaller plane.

We have a couple nervous fliers among us. I can find the stats about the aircraft. But from a "feel" perspective, does it feel that much smaller? Is it that much more susceptible to turbulence feel?

We won't change any plans based on the answers. I guess I just would like to know the experiences of others.


I'm not bswan, but I am on at least two flights a week. The embraer only has two seats on each side, so it will definitely feel smaller, but IMHO it's not as claustrophobic as 3 seats across because I'm a window seat person and I'm not trapped by 2 people. I can't comment on turbulence because it varies so much based on weather and route. Also it doesn't bother me, but I've found that the larger the aircraft, the less turbulence effects it and sitting in front of the wings seems to help as well.


I avoid small jets because it's a noticeable difference for me.


My husband works for Air Canada (I know not JetBlue) but has flown on all sorts of aircrafts. He says "it's a newer aircraft than the 320 and I think it's a very smooth flying aircraft. No specific airplane is prone to turbulence more than another as turbulence is caused by different air pressures and temperatures. It might feel a bit smaller but it's newer and an overall nicer aircraft to ride on. Enjoy! Hope that helps!" smiley


That's really helpful, tlrj4488. It's always helpful to get airline industry / pilots' perspectives on flying.