Air Conditioning temp/control in BLT?


We are staying at BLT in a 1-bed suite next week (!) and I was wondering about AC in the rooms. Should we pack our snuggly winter jammies or lightweight summer ones?

Specifically, do they run icy cold like so many hotels? As a bonus, I'm wondering what level of control we will have over the temperature and fan speed with the air conditioning.



I have links to two different over rides: here is one and if that doesn't work try this.


I got this Link here and it is similar to the second one PrincipalTinker posted. The first thermostat is the one I have had in value resorts


I am the only person that first read this as Bacon Lettuce and Tomato and to think "no - not that - ahh Bay Lake Tower"


I did, too! And I'm the one who wrote it! :wink:


ok - so follow up - is anyone now HUNGRY for a BLT?!?!