Air conditioned stop between FotLK and UP! A bird adventure?

My TP has 70 free minutes between our FotLK show and the UP Show. This is in the heat of the day - 3:30 to 5 PM, and the weather looks like it will be around 90 with possible thunderstorms. (It will be Sun May 13th).

So I’m looking for a pleasant way to take a break in air-conditioning.

The Nomad lounge is one option, but it is a bit off the path, and we will be stopping in another day.

My current TP has us stopping in to the Yak and Yeti restaurant for a drink and appetizer. Is this something that is acceptable to do, or does the restaurant really only want to handle full meals?

Are there any other air-conditioned lounges or shops along the path from FOTLK to UP! that we would enjoy stopping in?

Yak and Yeti is past Up by a little bit. If you have an ADR you can order whatever you like. My suggestion was going to be Nomad. Can’t beat it.