Air Conditioned lines?

Is there a list somewhere of lines that are for the most part air conditioned at MK & AK? We are going in August and I need to be careful with my 79 year old mom and the heat. For instance, I won’t mind waiting for POC because for the most part the line is in the shade and air conditioned. I’m playing around with TP’s before I can make FPP in a month.
Thank you!

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In Magic Kingdom, you’ll have Peter Pan, Country Bear Jamboree, Meeting Mickey, It’s a Small World (mostly), Philharmagic, Princess Fairytale Hall, Most of Under the Sea, and Space Mountain. There are a lot of attraction with covered lines…most of them actually. So you won’t really be in direct sun for most lines.

Animal Kingdom, I won’t be much help on. I know Dinosaur’s queue is all indoors and Festival of the Lion King is under a very shaded area. Other than that, most everything is outside but again, mostly shaded queues.

At AK I think you have it right - just Dinosaur once you get inside anyway. The shows for Lion King & Nemo are air conditioned (although not the queues). In August it’s likely worth picking your restaurants & shows carefully for the AC to offer a strategic break…

At MK, Buzz is AC once inside. Monsters Laugh Floor & Stitch (if open) are also mostly AC queues.

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I went in July last year, and although I agree with the comments above, I would like to add.

  1. It was HOT when we went
  2. There are some attractions we went to simply to avoid the heat (a lot mentioned above)

The thing that I want to point out, is that some rides are covered. Some have fans that blow cool air in parts of the lines (mine train, etc) BUT a lot depends on how long the lines are. Places like Philimagic and Hall of presidents is completely air conditioned, there are other rides that are covered the closer you get to the front of the line. I would recommend planning rest periods and meals carefully.

btw…we also bought cooling towels, mist fans and drink tons of water.

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It’s a Small World is covered, but by no means air conditioned. It was 95 last week and this line was miserably hot despite being covered.

Thanks for the replies. We are only doing 3 VERY relaxing park days & I don’t have any little ones. I know our must do rides, but honestly TP was so great last year, we hardly waited on lines so I don’t remember them!

MK day starts at 1pm with lunch at LTT, followed by FOF Parade, then hope to score a FP for Splash Mtn, haven’t got much farther than that! Want to hit Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder (only 4 of us), Pirates, Laugh Floor, Buzz, Circus Pals (if time allows), Philharmagic & probably Under the Sea after the fireworks (we are watching from Gaston’s). I want to minimize wait times by the hottest, not necessarily the most time saving - if that makes sense? What’s JC like? COP & PM are 2 I plan to take her on if we need to get out of the sun as well! HOP is my last resort, however DH loves that attraction!

AK was also supposed to start later, but I was able to get a 10:30 ROL breakfast at TH. We also have a 6:30 dinner ADR at Y&Y. I never do 2 TS meals the same day, but again, mom will need a break now that AK is open later.
AK plans are Safari, FOLK, Flights of Wonder, Kali, EE (4 of us), Bug, Dinosaur, possibly Na’vi River if I can get FPP. I’m afraid Pandora might be too crowded for her to get around with the ECV so I might nix that part.

Epcot won’t start till probably around 3ish and we have a 6pm ADR to break things up.

I know it’s going to be hot, we went in Aug. back in 2011 and said never again, yet here we are, totally unplanned. My daughter will be doing the DCP, so taking her down there is our main focus. We have resort and pool days planned the rest of the trip. For Park Days we will have Frog Togs, drink plenty of water, & hit all the bathrooms!