AHHHHH...what is with Disney IT

We are sorry…we are having a problem searching for reservations right now!!!

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It’s Tuesday. Always Disney’s worst day for IT


Oh no!

LOL yesterday was my first ADR day (I say first because I have a split stay so was only able to do the first couple of days) and I could only make ADRs if I accessed the reservations a very particular way. At least now I know the very particular way. :roll_eyes:

yes I couldn’t search what was available at a particular time. I had to go into the restaurant and search that way. Frustrating!

That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it that way the next time!


(I thought of that :joy:)


Last time I could only use the website for my first 10 days, they never opened on the app. The next day for day 11 even the days I’d already booked were greyed out on the website but I could use the app.

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I have yet to be able to make any reservations on the MDE app for my 60+ window for any of my last 3 trips. So annoying. Even now, days later, if I try to modify or book something, I have to go through the website…