My DS’s GF and her family are going to Disney for Christmas. Tickets just arrived. I am assuming they are staying off site as they have actual tickets. They have no Fast passes, ADRs…I told her mom to first link tickets to MDE ASAP to get fast passes. I feel like I need to go over to her house tonight and set it all up for her. Is it too late for them? I’m stressing for them. Our own trip is in 10 days and has been planned for 6 months!


It’s never too late! But ummm… if you have the time and patience she could probably use your in person help to get as much done as possible lol.

And if it’s anything like my family will actually save you time versus getting a phone call every 3 minutes or being on the phone all night lol.

My best friend called me on my birthday from the monorail on her way to MK, mid-day, early August. She did not have a plan at all let alone a FPP. All I kept thinking was “you are going at the most crowded, hottest time of the day. This is going to be a disaster.” I didn’t say that of course. I quickly tried to give her as much information as possible but she later told me the most important thing I told her was to make some fast passes. She did that right away and although her options were limited at that point, she said it made a huge difference. She then knew what she needed to do for her remaining days too.

When I saw her soon after, she told me all about her trip. We would have considered the trip a failure, but they had a good time.

I’m sure any advice you give, if they listen, will be great and can only improve their experience!