AH LL hack?

So, in the Before Times, you could get FPP with a party ticket even of you didn’t have a park ticket for that day. This lead to a hack where you assigned your party ticket to a ghost MDE account and could book 6 FPP at 60+10 and then churn two accounts of FP for the day.

Anyone know if you can get G+ and LL access with just an AH ticket without a park ticket? Theoretically the same hack could work for G+/LL access then?

Only a few days of Boo Bash left to try this trick. Lots of VMAH tickets left for experimentation purposes by TP staff. Or maybe some Liner wants to test it out?

Seems like a nice perk for $200 VMAH would be unlimited LL access 7-9pm for people with party tickets. That might sell some tickets.

Wait, I’m not sure I understand. I don’t think it would be a perk to pay the $15 for Genie+ and only get 2 hours of LLs. Maybe I am misunderstanding?

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No, I was thinking that Disney, in all it’s generosity :joy:, could grant free LL access during those two hours as a perk for such an expensive party that they can’t seem to sell tickets to. Might entice some people to buy tickets.

I thought most Boo Bashes were sold out? Although I know they are still selling tickets to sold out ones anyway.

Yes, LL access during pre-party would be a great benefit for the guests but I don’t think it will happen!


They are. Just wondering if some Liner still has an unassigned ticket that they could move to a ghost MDE. For our VMAH tickets mine still shows that I could transfer it.

What’s your question, if someone could do this? They are transferable.

I’m confused. If the Boo Bashes are sold out, why would Disney need to offer any incentive? Anyway I don’t see it happening and I don’t think you would be able to use a ticket to book G+ during the overlapping time unless you paid for it, I assume you’d be able to buy ILL too.

The questions:
1- can you buy G+ with just your party ticket?
2-Does it open up LL availability all day or just for the two hours after early party entry through park close?

If it opens LL for the full day, one could potentially transfer party ticket to a ghost MDE account and have access to double the number of LL reservations all day long if you also have a park ticket that day. There as an old FPP hack using this method. Of course, FPP was free and this would be a $30 commitment for the day.

Sorry, I am not fully caffeinated after a failed early morning CP package attempt. I’m not being clear.

I’m saying someone could test out getting a full day of LL by purchasing G+ (if that’s even possible) with a Boo Bash ticket transferred to ghost MDE account now. The same rules for G+/LL and party tickets should apply for VMAH and could inform others for the future. Not even sure you can add G+ to a party ticket. Hoping someone would be willing to try.

The second suggestion/dream was that Disney could chose to offer free LL access for 7-9pm to VMAH party goers as an incentive to buy a ticket since they seem to be having trouble selling tickets. This is a musing/wish. Not anything I see as ever being a reality.

Hmm. I wonder if a party ticket gives you ability to buy more ILL$?

When I read your previous post I got it. I don’t have any insight to offer. If anyone is willing to do that much work, fair play to them. It’s not something I could be bothered to do.

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So I guess this might be helpful for re-rides, but Genie+ doesn’t seem to operate on such rigid timelines as FPP so in my opinion it would be a lot of money for a little benefit and a lot of finagling.


you’d get two genie+ rides on each ride though instead of just one… I think it could be a good park hop if you hoped to MK with two days worth of LL lined up x2 for each ride.

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I don’t see them giving away any kind of G+/LL for party goers. If they are having difficulty selling tickets, it’s because they are priced too high. I also think it would be a waste to purchase G+ for only a couple of hours. I thought the point of an AH party was the short lines.

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Yeah, I don’t see them ever giving anything away for free. But a girl can have dreams……:crazy_face:

It would be expensive for two hours worth of LL. Only worth it if you get double LL access for the entire day.

AH events are definitely great for low waits. We did one in 2019 and rode all the things. It was awesome.

This year since it is also a Christmas party, and there are now more and more things to do during that time, it will limit our ability to take advantage of low wait times for rides. We’re going to have to prioritize. Bonus LL time would allow us to ride some things and then take advantage of the exclusive party offerings.

Besides, now I’m curious if it would work. I love trying to find the hacks. Back Side of Magic was my favorite podcast. And spending time reading all the posts from Liners is my relaxation time everyday. Of course, you know what they said about curiosity and that darned cat.