Agonising over final night's dinner

Regular readers will know that I’ve switched from Monsieur Paul, to Teppan Edo, and back again, and back again over the last few weeks.

I still don’t feel happy about my arrangements.

Relevant factors:

  1. Monsieur Paul food looks great and is much commended. I’m slightly worried about the fact I’ll be wearing plain t-shirt and shorts if I go and whether that will be an issue.

  2. I have the FEA dessert party booked so I don’t want to spend money on desserts.

  3. Teppan Edo looks fun and I’ve never had that style of food before. Nor is there anywhere near me at home that offers it. It also gets good reviews, but some recent ones on TripAdvisor are alarming (one talked of a cockroach being found in a salad, and another about allergic reactions to seafood).

  4. I’m staying at YC that night, so Yachtsmans might be an option, though I’ll need to eat early to get to Epcot for the FEA dessert party for IllumiNations in time.

I’d come to some kind of deal with myself that I’d save Monsieur Paul as a special meal during my trip next year. For a variety of reasons, not all of which are appropriate to discuss here, I’m not 100% confident that trip is going to take place.

If it doesn’t, then my embargo on places like Yachtsman Steakhouse and Flying Fish are lifted, so those could come into the mix.

Can anyone offer any helpful advice as to which option I should take. This is the last area of uncertainty for me in my plan, with around seven days to go . . .

We always eat at Teppan Edo b/c it’s my son’s favorite even though we have similar food at home . We enjoy TE and I would suggest that it is a good restaurant for a pre-dessert party dinner. The food is enough but I only eat the meat and veggies there so I’m always ready for some dessert later in the evening. I guess you could eat the rice or noodles with your meal to fill up more but I never do.
If you want MP, go for it. Don’t worry about attire, as no one else will either. Do what makes you happy, MP will be happy to take your money however you dress.
If you want to expand your geographical options, then look to YS and FF, which seem to get way better reviews than either of the Epcot options although I have been to neither.


I’m currently focussing my attention on Yachtsman’s. Great reviews, it’s in my hotel, they have availability at convenient times, . . .

We had Yachtsman on our honeymoon 8 years ago. It was absolutely delicious & the service was wonderful.

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For us Teppan Edo is a meal and entertainment and is also one of our favorites. Another thing to take into consideration is that at TE you sit at a community table with other diners which may or may not be appealing to you. I agree with @momfourmonkeys that a meal here is a good choice before a dessert party.

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I’ve heard Yachtsman is wonderful, but will you be too full to enjoy your dessert? If you want to explore Japanese cooking, why torture yourself? Just do that and be settled.

Why do you have to worry about the shirt and shorts for Monsieur Paul’s? I know they have a dress code, but you could go back to your hotel to change for dinner … and change again afterwards. It will take extra time, but you’re not that far away.

Remember, if you can’t decide… there’s always fish and chips at the British pavilion… Now if that’s not incentive to make a decision, I don’t know what is. :wink:


I’ve provisionally/finally decided on Yachtsman’s. I like the menu, the reviews are good, and I can change in my room before and after dinner. Timingwise it works nicely, too.

So now would not be a good time to tell you that Yachtman is the only signature restaurant I will never return to?

With the difference in time zones you may see this post hours before I am able to respond, so I am adding details.

It was 4 years ago I think. I had a split stay with YC the first few nights, and deluxe dining. We arrived at the YC and found out they upgraded us to CL! It was magic. Our first night we went to FF, this was before the refurb. We really enjoyed our meal ( not Jiko or Tiffins enjoyed, but we really liked it).

Our 2nd night was my birthday. It was me and my grown son. He was about 22 at the time. You know how you said people can hurt your feelings? Well, I am like that too. To me, as an adult that grew up in extreme poverty -am sensitive when people seem to think I should not be where I am. I really don’t know what the waitress thought. It was obvious she did not want to wait on us. We watched how she interacted with other tables. We saw how she took their orders, got food…she did a very weird thing where she put space between herself and us. That was a challenge when she had to give us our food, but she stayed away. The look on her face when she looked at us, I will never forget.

It is funny, another liner reported a very negative time when she dined with her mom. Maybe it is just one server. Maybe she is gone. Maybe she just had issues with parent/child and wasn’t thinking I was a “sugar momma” or my son was not a paid escort- who knows?

The food was ok- I will never, ever step foot in that restaurant again.


Obviously I’ll be requiring details.

Updated my post!

I’ve read elsewhere about snobbiness at Yachtsman’s. But then I worry about a similar attitude at Monsieur Paul.

But I’m semi-planning on changing for dinner that night. As I’m staying at YC it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I have ADR finder working on Le Cellier for me.

I think the food is good. You would enjoy the meal. Snobby I can take. I carry the “you do not belong here- go away” toobclose to my heart.

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I think YC is a great choice. We like the steak there more than Le Cellier. I have only been to Le Cellier once and the service was so awful I have not been back. We have always had great service at YC (sorry it wasn’t in your case @PrincipalTinker).

I will be interested in hearing about your dining experiences! No help in the choosing but I want to hear all about the end result

Agree… did Le Cellier and thought the atmosphere lacked and the food was good but the overall experience was just “meh”. Would try something new next time.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wasn’t impressed. The tables are insanely close together–I could have reached over and taken food off the table next to me.


I loved the food at Le Cellier when I went last year, but admit I didn’t like the environment. Claustrophobic. ADR finder found me a table but the time didn’t work.

I’m sticking with Yactsman’s. For now, lol.


We dined at Yachtsman on our first night last month, Mother’s Day to be exact.

It was FABULOUS. Service was excellent, our meal was beyond delicious…in fact I booked it for our first night next month on our short trip.

My steak was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve eaten at some truly top notch restaurants.

PrincipalTinker, I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience there! That happened to us at Carthay Circle in DCA last fall. I wrote guest services, as our waitress treated us terrible and was utterly rude to the young lady dining with me and my parents…I don’t know if her visible disability made the waitress uncomfortable, but it was bad enough my dad noticed it, and he is usually 100% oblivious to those types of things!! She doesn’t work there anymore, I can tell you that! Same with the server who forgot our food in the kitchen for nearly an hour on Valentine’s Day at Carthay! (That one I made a bigger stink about…it was BAD BAD BAD) I’ve now been back to Carthay 4 times and the service is great…in fact they’ve gone above and beyond. (It’s not my favorite spot out here, but it’s kind of a fun place to take people…for the history)

I would have been in someone’s face over your experience at Yachtsman. That’s utterly unacceptable. In fact, I’m kinda mad for you still!!

But in all seriousness, best steak I’ve ever had. And I’ve been to a few of the steakhouses on the “best of US” lists over the year. (Well, years and years ago…that was my former life…so 9+ years ago. Best burger in the world is in New Zealand, Fergburger in Queenstown. Mmmmm) It was a lovely dining experience for us.

My .02

Haven’t been to Le Cellier, but we are going in December.


That’s reassuring — thank you.

I think I’m going to stick with it, if only because of the huge convenience of it being in the hotel.

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I think it’s a good choice. I wasn’t necessarily going to rush back, having never done any other signatures (or indeed many other restaurants) but DS13 insisted, he loved it. We rolled back into Epcot, we were stuffed.