Agent P's Showcase Start Time in Norway/Mexico

Since Mexico and Norway are now open at 9 a.m., can you play Agent P’s Showcase in those countries during the 9am-11am time? Or do you still have to wait until the rest of WC opens?

The Disney website and the TP app still list Agent P from 11 am - 6 pm, so it looks like that hasn’t changed.

Thanks. That’s a bummer b/c we’ll have some time to kill between the A&E Meet and our FEA FP+ at 11 a.m. Trying to decide how best to use it. By the time we walk to FW, it will be time to turn around and walk back.

Maybe you could do the ride in Mexico?

Yeah, we’re definitely going to do that, but even with that and exploring both Norway and Mexico, I think we’ll have quite a bit of time left over. I know she’ll want to do Agent P’s and it would fit nicely into that space of time if it were open. Thanks for your help.

Time to kill = snack time for my family :slight_smile:

I’m interested to hear your logic with your estimated wait time, because I am trying to get our Epcot day together for September. If I understood what you wrote correctly, I assume you’re planning on being in the front at RD and then be done with the meet and greet with enough time to have a surplus of spare time before your FP? How long are you giving yourself to get through the meet and greet? The reason I ask is that given some of the projected wait times and lack of FP, I wonder wait times will truly look like for this.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing with my Epcot plan and my trip is less than 2 weeks from now. The Frozen attractions are the top priority for us.

Right now I have a PPO ADR at Akershus and my plan was to try to eat fast (never a problem for our family), ditch the last princess or two (won’t matter since we will probably have already met her at CRT) and get in line at the A&E meet and greet before the RD crowd gets there. I know there were others with this plan, and I’m waiting for their reports on how well it does or doesn’t work. I have a FP for FEA, but it’s not until 11 a.m. (For unknown reasons, Disney isn’t offering FPs for FEA between the hours of 9am and 11am for July, so the 11 a.m. was the earliest FP I could get. Now I’m wondering if I should have gotten one for later in the day, but it’s too late now since they are all gone.)

When I plug my plan into TP, it gives me a wait time of 30 minutes for the meet and greet. Then, if we tour Norway and Mexico slowly, we still end up with a somewhat awkward period of time where we’d have to leave WC and then return in time to use the FP. This would also increase the walking we’d have to do, which I personally wouldn’t mind, but my family will. If we could do an Agent P’s mission in Norway and Mexico, add in some school bread eating and gift shop browsing, we could fill the time quite happily. I just need Agent P’s to be open in those two countries during the 9-11 a.m. window.

I know there is not much data on the A&E attraction since it just opened, but so far it looks like wait times for the meet and greet peak at 9 a.m. and then decline to an average of 15-20 minutes for the rest of the day. So, maybe I should just cancel the ADR, arrive at the park a bit later around 10 am and do the meet and greet w/ a 15-20 minute wait, and then use my FEA FP, and then go about the rest of my day. (We just want to tour WC, play Agent P’s and then do a few low key FW attractions - no Soarin’ or anything like that.) I’m just nervous to do that in case the wait times for the meet and greet increase and RD’ing it would be the best bet. I think I’m just going to wait until next week when we have a bit more info. to make a decision.

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Yea I think with so much up in the air with the Frozen attractions it makes it really difficult to come up with any sort of concrete plan. I’m wondering since the Frozen attractions are your top priority, have you thought about keeping the ADR and just eating the penalty of not showing in order to be near the front of the line at the meet and greet? If the wait times look like they aren’t going to fit with your plans it’s certainly something I would strongly consider.

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. The ADR is definitely my insurance policy at this point. The only thing DD6 really talks about this upcoming trip is getting Elsa’s autograph, so I want to be sure we can get that done with a reasonable wait. I’m probably overthinking it though, since the reported wait times for the meet and greet seem just fine.