Agent Ps in Epcot

Can anyone give me insight into the agent p adventure at Epcot? The touring plan says its 30 minutes, but I was under the impression that you walk around the “lands” so that would take more time right?

Each country (or at least, many countries) has it’s own Agent P Adventure. You stop at the Agent P station, get a mobile device, and follow the clues around the country until you’ve completed the mission, which is about 30 minutes. Then you drop the device back off again. Their are missions in a number of countries, including China, the UK, and Mexico, I’m not sure where else. The Agent P stations are on the map, the only one I know of is between the UK and International Gateway.

Have you done this before? Would you recommend a certain “country” to do?

If it’s hot, Mexico is mostly inside.

As a 30+ male with virtually no knowledge of Phineas and Ferb – while loving all things Disney – I found this to be mostly an exercise in “watching the movie on the screen in the sunlight” and less about the actual treasure hunt.

There’s so much dialogue; I really just wanted to get to the darned clue, and didn’t care about the ongoing struggle with Dr. Doofenshmirtz. I assume kids, especially fans of the show, will enjoy it more.

That being said, it was great to see the actual effects tucked away in the shops and off the beaten path. Disney has done a marvelous job in integrating this stuff and hiding it in plain sight.

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I want to walk around Epcot World Show Case, however I don’t have anything specific I want to see in each country. The only thing my daughter was interested in was this Agent P activity. Do you guys know how long would it take to just walk around & check out the countries? Is it really like 2-3 hours of walking like TP says?

Absolutely. I say you could spend an entire day just in World Showcase. Even if you just spend 15 minutes in each country, that’s almost three hours.

I’d say the hottest items for kids would be the live entertainment and food.

My Top Five Picks for Live Entertainment @ World Showcase:

  • American Music Machine (America)
  • Canadian Lumberjacks (Canada)
  • The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats (China)
  • Serveur Amusant (France)
  • Sergio (Italy)

My Top Five Snacks @ World Showcase:

  • Pastries and/or Ice Cream in France
  • Kakigōri in Japan
  • Cronut in Canada
  • Skolebrød (School Bread) in Norway
  • Anything from Karamell-Küche in Germany

Bonus for Mom and Dad:

  • Grapefruit Bier in Germany!
  • Chips, cheese, and tequila in La Cava (Mexico)!

If I am bringing a stroller for my 5 year old… would it be awful if I elected NOT to do my afternoon break (as I do every other day) for 4 hours, instead push her around the “world” and see things for that 4 hours? Ideally she would sleep in the stroller if need be. I don’t need the break per se, but I know she would.

… and, now I’m starving.

Bonus photo of THE LEGENDARY CRONUT (which I’d say 80% of guests don’t even know about):


Obviously, it’s your call … but I’d say it’s risky! Just getting out of the heat for a few hours does wonders to one’s stamina.

Ya. I agree. It’s early July, so I should plan a break.

Also, as you likely know, you can sort the list of attractions at any park on TouringPlans based on age group.

I’d use this as a rough guide, taking into account what your daughter likes and dislikes:

TashaM I’ll be there the same time as you and I wouldn’t miss my afternoon AC break for the world (or the World). I know my 5 YO would be cantankerous as all get out by 5:00 if we didn’t go back. That said, if I could send DH and the kids back to room for nap I’d gladly have a margarita in Mexico and chill by myself if I thought I could get away with it.

regarding Agent P adventures, I can enlighten you a bit @TashaM. We are avid Phineas & Ferb fans, and DD always wants to do several missions while at Epcot. As far as I know just about every country has a mission, we duplicate a lot. It can take the expected 30mins, but we’ve done some in 20. It all depends on how quickly you can locate the clue after the dialogue. As @roguepixel said, there’s a lot of that. My daughter loves them over an over, I get sick of hearing the same info. If you don’t know the country pavilions well, it can be challenging to find the right stuff for clues, Also if there are a lot of other agents in the area, it sometimes causes a bit of a wait. There are new smart phones now which have worked well for us, but there’s concessional technical difficulties also. Why not try one out and only do a 2nd one if you all enjoyed it? I agree that Mexico is the best for a “break” as it’s inside, Japan is my favorite, followed by France and Germany. You don’t want to waste too much time in between chasing clues (they tell you it will shut off on you) but we have many times grabbed a quick snack or killed some time exploring during a mission. That may allow for alittle more freedom to enjoy the areas while searching for your clues.

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I’ve done the UK. Agree with other poster, unless you’re familiar with Phineas and Ferb, can be a lot of boring dialogue. Also, My 6 year old is JUST BARELY at the youngest age that I would think could really get into it, and even that’s pushing it and will require a lot of parental input - we’ll do a country and see how it goes this August.
As for World Showcase… some kids love it, but most kids don’t. With young kids (2/4, then 3/5, now 4/6) we usually stroll through in an hour or a little more with brief stops for snacks, treats, and maybe a souvenir or two, in addition to a mandatory 20 minute stop to watch the miniature trains in Germany.

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My DS9 didn’t really get into it until 2 years ago. Before that, he lost interest quickly in the phone bits, although he liked the special effects that were triggered. I found I spent more time slogging through the phone parts. But 2 years ago, he was old enough to run the phone himself. We had to do EVERY country. He really loved it and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.

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We took a 5-day trip to WDW with DD4 and DD7, RD every day, and never took a midday break. DD4 napped in stroller as you’re thinking. We’ve done multiple-day DLR trips many times with kids at all ages, RD to close, no breaks (again, just used stroller when young). It really depends on your kids and family.