Agent P while touring World Showcase

Our touring plan includes both Agent P and touring the Pavilion for Japan, do we need to allow the entire 40 minutes for the touring plan, or are they duplicative?

If not duplicative, is there a way to group Agent P and the pavilion together in the touring plan?

I'm sorry, I can't speak to your touring plan question, as I never use one for world showcase, but we do play Agent P almost every trip. I would think that 40-60 mins would allow you to play the Agent P in Japan and take in all the sights. The game will lead you into the Mitso-whatever-it's-called department store and around the gardens.

If you plan to shop a LOT, eat, pick-a-pearl, you may need more time.

Hope that helps.

I agree with @PianoMinnie on the time, and also do not have much insight on the TP. I would suggest that you just eliminate or the other from the TP, knowing that you plan to do Agent P while at Japan. Japan is one of my favorite spots in Epcot and one of the best Agent P adventures, so you're sure to have a great time. If you are there for the drumming, even better.


That helps a lot. I will allow a little more time than the 30 minutes on the TP for Agent P.

I was hoping Agent P would lead us around places the kids would not normally go!

It likely will. You will be surprised by what happens.

Agent P Game is great for the whole group! It has become a great way to see the pavilions in depth. Without it my 5 year old would have had a hard time getting excited about WS.

which are the best countries for agent P? is it about 30-40 min per country?

We did Germany and it was great!

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All of the countries are great, imo. My DS loved England for the longest time, but we did it so many times that I have made him skip it on the last two trips.