Agent P’s - What is it?

I’ve been trying to figure out what Agent P’s at Epcot is and where I need to go to do it and why it has an open and close time. Can anyone describe the attraction (without spoilers if possible) and the logistics of participating in it?

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It’s essentially a scavenger hunt where you are given a mission to complete and you follow the clues. You now play it on your smartphone and don’t need to go anywhere to do it. For a more detailed description:

There are multiple different missions - each in a different world pavilion. My kids really enjoyed it from at least ages 8-11.


Does it open and close with WS or does it have specific hours?

I haven’t checked the hours, but I assume it opens and closes with World Showcase. Some missions require interaction with cast members, and going into shops.

I believe Agent P opens at 11 am and closes at 6 pm. You go to the website and choose which mission you want to play. You must go to the pavilion for that mission. It sends you all around the pavilion and some Agent P related things happen. My understanding is that it will only work if you are within the operating hours.

I think you can also play it on the new Play Disney app too. We are going to try it during our October trip

our family with kids age 6 & 7 did this last trip and LOVED it! cannot wait til we go again to play. agree opens at 10- 11 closes 5-6 depending on time of year I think

I tried it last trip with DW. We were only there for a weekend so only completed one mission. We had more fun than I thought. You go to certain areas within WS and find what the website is asking you for. Once you do you will see some “special effects”. I think you will like it.

We did it our last trip. Well, three of the adventures anyhow. Forget how many there are. My kids from 6 to 17 had fun. Truthfully, I did, too.

Agent P has been a lot of fun for my son. It’s an interactive scavenger hunt. You make things move and it was very very fun. I would never get to explore the countries if it wasn’t for my DS playing Agent P. It gives us both time to explore.

This sounds like it would be right up our alley. I have a DS9, DS7, and DD5 who love Phineas and Ferb. I will definitely put more time into our TP for this.

I’m having so much trouble scheduling all the “interactive play areas” like Innoventions, Test Track play area, Mission Space play area, Seabase, Imageworks, and all the World Showcase stuff including Agent P’s, etc. I have no idea how much time my kids will want to spend at any given area and which ones would be worth the time to investigate and which ones we should just skip. Does anyone have any advice for how to incorporate all that stuff into a TP? We’re doing 1 day, open to close at Epcot.

In the case of Agent P, you can build it into the time spent in each country that has an Agent P adventure. I know that China, Mexico, and France do. I can’t remember what others do (Germany, maybe?). But just add in some extra time when you visit those countries. I’d say add about 30 minutes. Another option is do things in parallel. Like, while Mom goes and does some shopping by herself, Dad takes the kids around one of the adventures, etc. In our case, since we had our DS17 with us, my wife and I had a little mini date in China eating together by ourselves while they went off and did the Agent P adventure themselves. With the ages of your kids, that isn’t an option.

If time is limited, just do one or two of the adventures to experience it and save the others for another trip!