Agent P’s and TP?

With regards to Agent P’s Adventure, so it has a duration of 30 minutes, but from my understanding this is done as you travel through the World Showcase? So is the duration accurate or should I adjust the plan to not figure that in?

Thanks in advance


Each mission is in one country, so yes 30 minutes in addition to whatever you want to do in that country works.


30 minutes PER adventure. So if you do them all, you would need to allocate 30 minutes in each country that has an Agent P adventure.

If your kids are old enough, you could let them go off and do the adventure in parallel to whatever you want to do.


Do you sign up for Agent P in each country or is there a “main” sign up area?

Technically, I don’t believe there is a need to sign-up at all. If you have a smart phone, you can just play using your phone. There is a kiosk as you enter the WS in the middle, however, where they can provide instructions.

Basically, there is a website you can access they will provide you the link to.

According to TP, the website is here:

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It doesn’t have to take 30 minutes per country. There’s a lot of Major Monogram talking that we ended up skipping over just to get to the actionable parts. Those were cool even with only getting the high-level story line and not listening to it all.