Agent p’s adventure

Touring Plans has the Agent P adventure “closing” at six p.m. in October… is this accurate? Do they not let you play later because of the Food and Wine festival? Thanks!

You can play until park close (you use your own phone), but the kiosk where they can help you closes at 6. We just did this in April, kids played until 9pm.

We were there during the Food and Wine Festival. By about 2 pm, crowds were so horrible, we ended up just leaving Epcot. Literally shoulder to shoulder, and we had to make a hand-holding line with our family to weave through the crowd to get back outside the World Showcase.

I say this because if you plan to do Agent P’s adventure (which we recommend, since our kids loved it, including our teens), you might want to do it early so that you get ahead of the crowds. Once the Food and Wine crowd starts arriving, it will be much harder to keep track.

I will add the caveat that we did this on, I believe, a Friday. It might not be as bad earlier in the week. But what we learned was to avoid the Food and Wine Festival crowd at all costs!