Agent P experience

Trying to plan for doing this adventure while at Epcot…

Couple questions…

Can you do the different parts of the adventure in any order? Or do you have to go in a certain order though the pavilions?

What about sharing among a family…

Better to use all four of our phones? And if so, do the four of us connect or we are on our own adventure?

If someone could give an explanation of how the game works so we can plan our Epcot day we’d be so grateful.

Thank you.

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Each pavilion is an independent adventure, you can do as many or as few as you like, and in any order. Each phone goes on its own adventure, so if you want to play together you will want to share a phone, if you want to go separately you can use separate phones.


The last time we participated, you could check in at a kiosk and choose where to start. Now, you use a website to start the adventure. As noted above, each pavilion has its own adventure, so you can spend a little time doing one adventure, or continue on with another after you finish the first one. We have found it a good way to spend time in the pavilions, where we normally might rush through in search of attractions or food.


We shared a phone and played through the Agent P website, though I believe you can also use the PlayDisney app.

Although you can do any pavilion you want to, once you’re playing, the clues go in a certain order. While it can take a half hour or even longer, you can also blast through them in 10 minutes if you skip the story and just activate the secret special effects.

Some of the best countries are Japan, Germany and the UK. One of the special effects in Japan wasn’t functioning, so if I had it all to do over again, I’d get on Liners chat forum and ask if anyone knows about broken special effects, to avoid the disappointment and/.or wasted time. It was still fun, though!


Thanks everyone, were excited! Less than 2 weeks now, eek!