Agent P - Can it be done over multiple days?

I was wondering if Agent P can be done over two separate days? I’m going in July with my 8 and 5 year olds, and the plan is to be doing the right half of Epcot on day 1 (only England, Canada, and France in WS), and then a couple days later do the other half, including the rest of the showcase. I think my kids would enjoy Agent P, but will that work with splitting the showcase into separate days? Or should I just wait till the second day to pick it up and go from there? Thoughts? Thanks!

Yes, that will work just fine. Each Agent P adventure is in a separate country, taking maybe 30 minutes total. This is exactly how we do Epcot over 2 days.

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be aware you may need to hand the phone in at the end of the day and then on your 2nd day get another one for the remaining countries you want to complete. I know if they are not returned you get charged to your room the price of the device. I don’t know when they check for missing ones…at the end of each day or at the end of the week etc. when you sign up on day 1 double check with the CM.

Thanks, everyone! Do you have to return to Agent P’s location to hand the phone back in, or can you just do it at guest services?

There’s a drop point in each country that has an agent P adventure. It’s usually cleverly disguised but they are marked with the agent P logo.


We built specific Agent P time into our TP for each day we were at Epcot, and did 4 countries over 3 Epcot visits that way. When you build your TP, move your steps around to add Agent P for the country you’re doing close to that country in your TP; otherwise, the TP system puts 30 min for Agent P into your schedule wherever it thinks it works best. So if you want to do Agent P for Germany, but it’s the 1st thing on your WS touring plan, and you plan to stop in France, Morocco, American Adventure on the way…you’ll be all off schedule. (Although, TPs are not so important in the countries except for hitting show times correctly (including American Adventure).

It is about 30 minutes per country, so pick a country or two that are of interest to your kids and skip the others, otherwise it will suck up your entire afternoon at Epcot. I think 6 or 7 out of 11 countries offer Agent P.

You can pick up your Agent P communicator at one of 4 places: as you come across the bridge from Future World to World Showcase, in the UK (near the International Gateway), between Italy and the American Adventure, or (I think) between Mexico and Norway. As the PP said above, you return your communicator at the end of the adventure in the country you’ve just completed (or hang on to it and have it reset in one of the pickup locations to do another adventure).

Have fun - our DS7.5 LOVES it!