Agent P at Epcot

Which adventure do your kids like the best? Are there any that are mostly air conditioned (going in late August). My kids are 8 and 10. Is there one place to sign up or do you go to different places based on which adventure you want to do?

We signed up at a kiosk near Norway but there is also a place between FW and WS. Not sure if there are other locations. My kids loved Germany the best. It was fun to see other people react to what the mission activated in the pavilion. I remember going inside for Mexico. It was Sept. so it was very hot that day. I don’t have many other tips to offer because they did everything on their own while I followed behind and enjoyed some yummy adult drinks. They had an absolute blast!! My kids were 13, 8, and 6.

My DS9 loved it - we only got to do Mexico and Norway. Definitely wants to do more when we go next year too. Mexico is mostly inside in the AC.

Sounds like so much fun! About how long does it take them to do one adventure?

I would say 20-30 minutes each. It really was a lot of fun! They can’t wait to play again in Nov.

Mine really liked Mexico and China.

Great information–thanks! I’d like my kids to try this too…

I’m trying to build in time for this in October.

This is one my DS9 and DD6 's favorite ways to spend time in the parks! They like all of the countries. UK is a particular favorite, but we have done it so often that I had to ban it on our last trip. I believe that Mexico is the only one in AC.

Has anyone tried it since they upgraded the phones?? How is it? Is the game the same, just different interface?

@iheartepcot- Thanks! It sounds like it will be really exciting. I’m glad they came up with something to get the kids excited about the different countries since that is one of my favorite parts of Epcot. Did your kids enjoy the Mexico adventure? I’m thinking A/C would be lovely in late August, but if UK is significantly better, we’ll deal with the heat.

We didn’t do them all, we liked Mexico best because it was indoors on a boiling hot day! We didn’t like China because it seemed to be mainly outside and we were so hot we couldn’t think straight. We also enjoyed UK, mainly because we tend to skip it being English and we got to see lots of cool stuff we didn’t know about!

Definitely do Mexico! We have not been disappointed by any of them. If your kids like it, you’ll probably end up doing a few, so no reason not to start with Mexico to get out of the heat for a bit. Plus, I like Mexico because I can easily be shopping and keeping an eye on the kids while they do it. Then when it’s done, hop on the little boat ride. You might also be able to pop into La Cava and get a drink to go.

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Are you able to choose which country you want to do?

I can’t believe no one has shown France some love! It is, however, all outside. But there is a great surprise at the end!

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@Luv2adoptStitch, yes, I believe you can. There are Agent P stands in a few locations around the world, and on the walkway to the world showcase so you can get your device there and they’ll give you a couple of options of which countries you can do.

yes, although they do spread people out, so sometimes not all countries are available to choose from. Depends how busy it is. I have heard that it can sometimes “sell out” but I have never actually seen that happen.

We really have enjoyed all of the countries that are available. We did France last year, and I loved it because I could snack and drink while kiddos did it, and then Aurora randomly showed up for a meet and greet there so we were able to be at the front of the line.

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When you sign up is it for a specific time later in the day or are you required to go immediately after signing up or once signed up can you go whenever you want that day? TIA

@Iheartepcot, the same thing happened to us while we were doing Agent P in France. All of the sudden, there was Aurora! So we took a break to see her, too.

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Excited to do this with our kiddos. Maybe I’ll come away liking Epcot more. Don’t hate me @Iheartepcot but I just never have really gotten “on board” with this park, and do it mainly because I feel we “should” since we get down to WDW so infrequently