Age 10 order from kids menu?

So we are in that normal DP vs NDP, and I am thinking that since our 10 yo will qualify as an adult that the DP is a no go. I was told on another forum that kids COULD order off the kids menu regardless of their age, but then I read that they could NOT order from the kids menu. With that being said, what is the truth?

Can my 10 yo order from the kids menu or will he have to order from the adult menu?

If you’re paying for him as an adult on the DP, I don’t see why they’d deny him ordering off the kids menu. That’s extra money in Disney’s pocket.

Anyone can order from the kids menu. If on the dining plan, for QS meals it doesn’t matter as all credits are the same. For TS, you’ll pay an Adult credit even if you order off the kid’s menu, so you’re not getting good value there and would likely be better off paying out of pocket, either not getting the dining plan or saving up credits to spend on a 2X signature restaurant perhaps.

let me clarify…part of the reason I am considering NOT getting the dining plan is because he is NOT a big eater, so I was thinking, well he could order off the kids menu, save menu, and not have so much waste…

Unless all of you like to eat a LOT! It will not be a good value for you. My family of four ate at last one nice expensive table service per day, a quick service meal, plus random sacks & alcohol. That cost plus tips fpr the week were all less than the DP would have cost us. (We ate breakfast in our room with groceries we had delivered there, and even when I factor that in, still cost less than DP).

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Put it this way, if the guests benefited from DP more often than Disney, they wouldn’t offer it. Kinda like a casino. Sure, the occasional gambler wins big money, but not nearly often enough to make the casino go out of business.

We just were there - my wife ordered from the kid’s menu - she is more than 10. We were not on a meal plan so it was easy

To echo what most everyone has said your 10 yo is more than welcome to order off the kids menu. And like everyone has said this is a terrible value if you have the DP. The only restriction would be if you had a child under 10 who is considered a child, they would be required to order off of the kids menu.

Yes, is too. No lack of good food or table meals and still less than the dining plan.