Again - a Memory Maker question

Hi everyone, I apologize for yet another Memory Maker question, but after re-reading the “rules” prior to purchase; I’m a bit confused. Here’s our situation:

My family is planning a trip for the first of March. My parents are flying down several days earlier and staying offsite. When we get there, my mom will fly home and my dad will stay to help out with the kids and we are staying at on property (AoA).

I did not originally get the Memory Maker + with our package, but since my mom belatedly decided to come, I would love to get more pictures with her (she has stage IV cancer and recently got word that her tumors are no longer responding to chemo).

I got concerned when I read in MDE that the primary “Memory Maker Guest” (which would be me as I am the primary account holder) has to be present for the pictures to be included in the package (although the forum seems to contradict this).

So - how do I get MM+ but ensure that my parents can get pictures before we get there (my dad is already a “friend” on my MDE account and has a magic band for the second part of the trip but my mom does not have either a MDE account or a MB since she is not staying with us onsite). And, on a related note, how do I ensure that my non-tech savvy parents are set up prior for using the MM+ prior to their trip??

Thanks in advance!!

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When we went in October, we shared MM+ with a friend who took her trip the week after we did. I was the primary MM account holder, and she and her family were linked to my MDE account, with photo sharing privileges. Every one of her photos showed up on my photopass account, even though we were not there at the same time. Since your parents don’t have magic bands, I would think they would need your photopass card (it will be mailed to you since you ordered the MM package, but you won’t need it if you have your magic bands) to link their pics to your account, or they could get a photopass ticket from a photographer which they will scan for each pic they have taken and then they will have to manually link that number(s) to their account.

The way I understand it, the MM package allows the primary account holder (and only that person) to download any and all pics from their account and all linked accounts for a window of time that begins with your first download (I think 4 weeks??) So I believe you will be fine with your current plan, but maybe there is someone else who could chime in to verify that? And I guess the other wild card would be if they may have changed the system since we were there in October.

If you are concerned that you parents might need help linking accounts and sharing photos, you could always get their login info and do it for them if they would be OK with that.

And one more thing I forgot to add…

You can tell if your parents are properly linked by going to MDE, to My Family & Friends. Their names should appear on that page and it should say “can view and purchase your Photopass photos”. And they should be able to see you on their Family & Friends page with that same statement.

Thanks for the experience! Disney’s website makes it rather vague…

Here’s the one issue I may see with this…since MM is attached to your resort package, it may not be active while your mom is there. Therefore, it won’t be able to be used until you show up. You might want to have HER buy the MM and a magic band, attach it to that, and then link everyone up through Friends and Family.

There should be no issue about the resort package. I shared memory maker with my brother, who had the resort package. His ressie was the week after we were there. We had no problem with our mm pictures even though he was not there, he was actually 12 hours away during our stay. So as long as you are all linked through mde, I don’t foresee problem. Our mm share was in October 2014.

I have no idea how/when I managed to “post withdrawn by author” not sure – basically, it’s the info below about my brother and me sharing a mm on his resort reservation, with our travel occurring before his reservation. We had no problem with our mm, even though it was before his reservation. fwiw

Thanks, that’s reassuring! I’ll let you all know how it goes as of next week.

Because your mum and dad are offsite and don’t have magic bands their ride photos and videos may be an issue. If it’s possible to get your dad’s magic band to him before his trip, that would resolve the issue as long as they are together when the photos are taken. If not, giving them the MM card that was sent to you when you made the purchase. That will make it easier to collect the photos (they will go directly to your account) but will still exclude them from the videos.