Afternoon Tea at the GF

Can anyone share their experience -

I took my two daughters, 10 and 11, to afternoon tea in June. We were running a little bit late - 20 minutes - but we didn’t lose our table (thank goodness).

We each ordered the Cheshire Tea, which starts with each person getting a plate of fruit and imported cheeses and their choice of Twinings brand tea. My oldest daughter doesn’t drink tea, so she had hot cocoa. My other daughter ordered chamomile. The fruit in the first course included starfruit, papaya, and mango. There was also a little tiny dish of honey and honeycomb. I don’t remember all of the cheeses, but I believe there was a blue cheese, white cheddar, gouda, etc. This was followed by each person getting a plate of finger sandwiches (one finger of cucumber, one chicken salad and I think an egg salad), a small onion tartlet, a bit more cheese, and berries. A stacked plate holder with scones and tarts, and your choice of stawberries and cream, a trifle, or pastries arrived. DD 10 and I each order the trifle, and DD 11 had the assorted pastries (with of course, a swan cream puff!).

The quality of the food was superb, and it was plenty. The tea was a little bit weak for me, but by the time I got to the bottom of the pot it had steeped enough to be a bit stronger. The setting was very quiet and restful. We changed out of park-wear (shorts, etc) into summer dresses - this was a very big deal to my 10 year old. I’m not really the type to watch, or care, about what people are wearing, but it did seem like most were wearing something nicer than what they’d wear to the parks. Start to finish, I’m estimating we were there close to 2 hours.

I hope that all helps!