Afternoon or evening FOP?

Which time is better in September for FOP for a family with 3 kids (6, 9 and 14) 12:50 or 6:00pm? Maybe it doesn’t matter? I’m thinking about the heat and mid-day breaks…

I’d go for the earlier one. You can take a break after. You can try for same day drops to ride again. And you can get additional fpp for other rides if that FoP is your 3rd one.

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Thank you! You don’t think it will be too hot?

I have been twice in September. It will still be hot at 6pm also. But yes, it will be hot. All day. You won’t be waiting outdoors for FoP fpp though.

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Thanks! What time does it usually cool down?



But seriously, the biggest problem with Disney in September is that it doesn’t really cool off much. Overnight low of 72, but still high humidity, means that if you walk outside at 6AM before the sun comes up, it will still feel really humid and warm. If you get an afternoon storm, that will cool it off a little, but not much. I don’t feel like it really cools off until it gets dark, and even then it’s not really cool, still over 80 degrees, you just don’t have the sun beating down on you any more. With my young kids, I don’t do any nighttime touring yet, so I just plan for it being hot all day and drink lots of water and try to get into air conditioning frequently.

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I would take the earlier FoP in case the ride is shut down for awhile. Your FPP will convert to an Anytime FPP that you have to use the same day. Since you cite 12:50 and 6pm, it sounds as though you have both reserved. Why not ride it twice? I think it’s the best ride in WDW.

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Thanks! I’m thinking of doing 1 AK day instead of 2 and adding a second Epcot day, which would require me to cancel one of our FOP FPP’s. I’m trying to decide which day to keep. :slight_smile:

Do you have park hoppers? You could go to epcot on the day you have the 6pm FoP and then go to AK in the evening to ride and see Pandora at night.

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Yes! I’ve considered that, but then I’d have to give up on FPP at Epcot that day and I’m not sure if my kids would be okay with that. What are our chances of same-day FEA before evening?

RD FEA is easy. Normally in September you can ride it any time before 10 with short waits, but I don’t know if SWGE will bring in more crowds that will change that.

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