Afternoon Fast Pass Availability

Good morning, I am building out two Magic Kingdom itineraries here on touring plans and have a question. The first day we are going to MK is Tuesday Sept. 25th (Crowd Calendar predicts a level 4 day at MK) and was wondering about the likelihood of getting a fast pass for enchanted tales with belle around 3-4 pm after using my others in the morning. Currently I have fast passes set up for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at 11,meet Rapunzel and Tiana at 11:30, and Enchanted Tales with Belle at 3. I am debating moving the third fast pass to 11:30 so we can use it to meet Cinderella/Elena and then try for an afternoon fast pass. We will have an almost 5 year old and a 1 1/2 year old so my thought is the afternoon fast pass will be useful because they could be getting cranky by that time of day but if its likely I could pick up an extra I would rather use the first three in the morning.

Similar question for my day 2 itinerary. Going to MK on Thurs. Sept 27th (Crowd Calendar predicting a level 5 day) for getting a fast pass to splash mountain around 3 or 4 if we use all three fast passes in the morning.

Thanks everyone!

Awesome link! Thanks for the help!

Basically no chance of Enchanted Tales. It is often gone between 30-60 days in advance. The post above is quite helpful. If you don’t have a fastpass, I would plan to head there fairly early.