Afternoon break vs Genie+

I am trying to schedule a plan with a four hour afternoon break outside the park with genie+ but still wanting to be able to schedule lightening lanes during that time frame but it does not seem to be cooperating with me. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

You are trying to create a touring plans for later in the day and book genie+ for that time of day during your break from the parks?

What i am trying to accomplish is be in MK from open until noon and then take the kids back to the resort for a nap/break until around four at which point I want to go back to MK. It shows the four hour break in the personalized plan but I still want to schedule lightening lanes during that break and the software doesn’t seem to be allowing me to do that.

Have you tried changing the break to be “in-park” for purposes of creating the Touring Plan? Just a thought … I don’t know if that will work. On the other hand, I wonder if entering the break blocks off that time in the program so that it won’t also come up with suggestions for grabbing LLs during the break period.

As an aside, in general I love the touring plan tool and always create plans for my each park day on my WDW trips, but I have not been satisfied with the new G+ portion of the software. Instead I project available LL times based on my experience and the data on and enter those fixed return times into the touring plan before optimizing.


I’ve tried changing it to “in park” and also tried scheduling a 240 minute meal for those hours also. Neither one work.

While not as ideal, will it allow you to add your G+ plans if you make the second part of the day a separate plan? So instead of entering a break, you’d have a morning plan and an evening plan?

Otherwise, this is what I would do.