Afternoon break options for those staying offsite


I think that the most important thing is to know when you and your group are hungry and thirsty and avoid ‘hangry’. Either keep everyone regularly topped up or be prepared to find a TS/QS for food, AC and rest when ‘hangry’ is about to hit and be quick about it. The important thing is to be able to sit for a while and recharge yourselves. The Orlando heat can be draining and people start to flag very suddenly. I would pick a possible TS/QS in each park and be prepared to quickmarch there, when spirits are flagging. This is advice from someone who can easily forget to eat all day in the UK. If your group have already drooped I would not take them to a restaurant /resort outside the park. Everyone will be happier to have something ‘there and then’.


Great advice, thank you @Welsh_Dragon. The converse is true for all our trips to DLP as we always go in winter and have to stop somewhere to warm up (I love you Aladdin’s passage :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )
so hopefully we’ll do it quite naturally. The list of ‘go to’ QS places is a good plan.


Yes! I know that I am super aware of best QS in each land should a hangry emergency kick in


Hi Simon, where is your villa? I’m a firm believer in the afternoon break, but it depends what you call a break. We always stay off-site as we like the extra space and we have no problem driving back to Aircon/swimming pool bliss, and possibly lunch. A 1-4pm break works wonders on long hot days IMO. We stay off the 192 and take the sherberth road cut through near AKL. Back home in fifteen/twenty mins and it’s worth it. I also agree with possibly taking your main meal of the day at lunchtime, when our kids were really young the long Aircon break really worked.


Jambo has the spectacular lobby, QS, and more savanna viewing with public spaces. The buses stop first at Kidani — which is great but a more intimate feel and no QS — so be sure to stay on the bus for the second stop if you want Jambo


One place in Magic Kingdom that doesn’t get a lot of love as an attraction but could be a nice spot for a rest is Tom Sawyer’s Island.


Hi Poppy, we’re a bit too far, about 50 minutes out. So a break at a water park or resort will work better most days.


Lots of great ideas and places to try and fit in, however I don’t think you need to plan any full days,


Ah, gotcha. Restful water parks visits, nearby air-conditioned shops and long lunches could be the way to go.


Also we’re lucky to have 21 day Disney tickets so we’ve got plenty of time to take it all in. We’ve got four full-on days to see each park, then the next week the plan is to RD but take a break out as discussed, returning in the evenings if we fancy it. Then our final week I’ve been booking later FPPs so we’ll plan to get there early-mid afternoon and go through to park close (not sure I can ask more of our two teens!).
Mostly taking weekends off or doing other stuff like KSC and Discovery Cove.
And then it all begins again with Universal and Seaworld!


Ace. We’re in Orlando for 23 days so 9 days at universal for us and then 14 in a villa near AKL. Sprinkling in some beach, KSC and local days. It’s nice when you can pace yourself.