Afternoon Break on Party nights

Hey all,

Planning my first trip to Disney for mid-Sept and was wondering about taking breaks during MNSSHP days. There will be 4 of us, DH (myself), DW, DD6 & DD2.5 and we will be going to MK during the day when it closes at 7pm. We have a Crystal Palace reservation at 12:00pm and want to head back to our hotel at BLT afterwards for a nap for DD2.5.
My question is, is it hard to get back into the parks when the “party people” make their way in at 4? Timing wise that would be right around the time we would be heading back to MK. Ideally we could make it back right before 4pm, but if not, would it be better to wait until 4:30-5:00 to go in after the rush? Doesn’t seem like we’d be able to get much accomplished from 5-7pm, but we would like to do a couple more rides before calling it a day.

Thanks for all the help in planning so far! I’ve gotten invaluable information from you all.

I guess that I would not go back to MK at 4:00 on a party day unless I was going to the party. Will you have PH tickets? If so, I would consider going to another park with later hours, like EP. If not, then I would probably use the CP reservation as a “rest break” and then continue to tour after that, and then leave the park before the party crowds start to build up.

Thanks for the reply. I think trying to make CP our break would work best. We won’t have party tickets but are going to the party on a different night. I’d like to take advantage of smaller crowds during the day of a party, and we have a pre-RD reservation got BOG.
For this day it may be best to go all day and make it an early night. Planning around a 2 year olds nap time is tough!

Stroller naps are always an option. :slight_smile:


We did stroller naps. Some kids give up their naps around age 2-3. You may find she doesn’t want to nap, particularly with all the colourful stuff going on around her. But it’s nice to know a nod off in a stroller is possible.


I’m with @brklinck. If you are not going to the party that day I would skip it. However you could do a stroller nap or ride the train for her to sleep in. If you don’t have park hopper I would suggest staying a little longer in the park and then going to DD or staying at your hotel.

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