Afternoon at a Water Park? In June?

I’ve read all about heading to the water parks early to avoid the long lines but I’m still considering an afternoon trip because I think the only person in my group that will want to do the big thrill rides is my husband and he’s willing to wait in lines. The rest of us would probably do the 2nd tier slides or raft rides and the pools. Anyone have good experiences with the afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

Also, this is for June so I’m guessing we’re more likely to get rained (or thunderstorm-ed) out in the afternoon. Any experience with this?

We traveled at the end of May/beginning of June 2017 and arrived at park open for both TL and BB. We got on all the slides and had done everything we wanted to do at each park by about 1pm. We took a break for lunch around 1pm at TL and when we left the QS seating area the park was jam-packed. We could barely move until a thunderstorm rolled through around 3pm, then the park cleared out again.
If you’re content to lounge in the lazy river or spend time in the wave pools (TL’s is awesome), then you shouldn’t have any issues with an afternoon arrival.

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The key word here is “HOT”. As everyone will be frying by the afternoon, plan on huge crowds. The wave pool is huge and if nothing else it is a blast. Beach chairs fill up early but people are constantly moving in and out as they are heading for the parks. Now this is at TL. I have never been to BB so I can’t tell you much about it. I will state one thing though. When a Thunder Storm rolls in, both water parks close until it passes if it passes. Hope this helps.

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Also going in June and want to have a waterpark day but we are concerned with the heat. Im contemplating the H20 glow night.!5060!3!328828184549!b!!g!!%2Bh20%20%2Bglow%20%2Bnights&CMP=KNC-FY19_WDW_ACT_EROC_W365_HTK_H2O_Product-H2O-Glow-Nights-BMM|BR|G|4191013.WW.AM.01.01|NA_NA_NA_NA_NA&keyword_id=kwd-430456224156|dm|%2Bh20%20%2Bglow%20%2Bnights|328828184549|b|5060:3|&gclid=Cj0KCQjwh6XmBRDRARIsAKNInDFUmZUfEOO0r0IlpGD7Zsr6GRTAxyxz9Ch_Enuch18ztECfOVCE6acaAgv4EALw_wcB

Sorry, dont know how to post a link but the jibberish above will take you to the link if you click on it.

We are seriously considering the H2O Glow Night when we’re there!!! Are they very crowded during these? How are the bugs at the end of July?

We’re also going to spring for an H20 Glow Night.

This video from Tim Tracker from last year is helpful, but this year, they’re letting ticketed guests in an hour earlier (6pm):

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Thanks! I’ll watch it when I have a minute.

My family visited Blizzard Beach in late August 2007 in late afternoon and we had a blast. We had no advance plan; we just went over impulsively after am afternoon rain storm cleared. The Summit Plumit and Slush Gusher speed slides had long lines, but everything else was completely reasonable. We got multiple trips on mat slides. The lazy river was great and not crowded at all. We were able to jump in the Summit plumit line right before closing.

In late June 2017, we hit Typhoon Lagoon before opening (our only proper RD of the trip). We were easily able to get multiple runs on the aqua coaster tube ride and all the body slides without waiting more than 5 minutes. by the time we got over to the tube sides on the other side of the park, there was some waiting. By noon, the lazy river was pretty crowded. We left around 12:30 pm having done everything.

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