Afternoon Activities--?

I’m looking to bolster the mid-day lull that I currently experience at WDW. Aside from “pool and nap”, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do between the hours of 1PM-7PM (and really bad from 1PM to 5PM).

Am I overlooking something? The usual “head back to hotel for rest” is pretty much the default option for everyone, but I’d rather go do something. However, there’s only so many times I can hotel-tour during the day/week before that gets boring.

Any suggestions? Free/Included, preferred.

They have Sangria University and also some kind of art class thing at Coronado. Golf maybe? I think there might also be some kind of tour thing at some of the resorts too.


Mini golf is a good afternoon option. There are 2 courses each with 2 different sides. Doing each one would give you 4 different options.
I have played 2 courses and they have been fun and much better than our local mini golf options.

Bowling at Splitsville. Movie at DS AMC. Haven’t done either but know they are options.

Water parks?


good suggestions, but I NEEED MOAAAAAAAAR!! :slight_smile:

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This is true - they’re very fun. Maybe more fun with a group. Possibly @Randall1028 needs a beverage and popcorn and a bench from which to watch others’ attempts at golf superiority.

We’ve played WinterSummerland and Fantasia. For voyeuristic pleasure the former is better - more shade.

We HAD to schedule this one trip arrival day because that was also some Harry Potter premiere. DH and I went to Wal-Mart in a deluge while the rest of the group enjoyed comfy seating. I suppose the wizards were sending liquid disapproval our way due to our cinematic disinterest.

Splitsville might also be good for watching the hijinks.

I understand much time can be enjoyed at various resort watering places, both in and out of doors.

Some people even frequent shops, or so I’ve heard. Lobby rocking chair sounds better.

And if you’re burdened with too much money there’s always the resort arcade. :smile:


This Liner has put together an awesome list of resort activities, and keeps it updated each month.


The afternoons are when I schedule enchanted extras. Behind the Seeds, Caring for Giants, Up close with Rhinos. Also have done the Spanish Mosaic Art in the Dahlia Lounge at CSR. think that was at 1pm.


Fort Wilderness has stables to visit with pony rides for the littles, gem mining, archery, horseback riding and Segway tours.

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I thought all these went away? Are they back?

Minigolf/regular golf?

None of these are free or included.

Oh but most of the resorts have activities, many of which are art-facing.


Oh and don’t forget:


But some people just work that into their day already and don’t need a break to enjoy :upside_down_face:


right. I was…kinda was factoring that in already.

like walking
and foods
and breathing…

y’know…involuntary stuff. :upside_down_face:

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I’m not sure he likes ice cream…

One has to be willing to try new things if one is to expand one’s horizon



Is this like a new sensation that’s sweeping the nation?

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Not so much sweeping as melting.

blasphemy --er-- I mean… “it melts?!”

Only for normies.

Exceptional Humans manage to consume it before such tragedy befalls them.

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I’m pretty sure ice cream is the main solution to global warming.

worth it.

EDIT: oh crap. This is what ADHD gets you., I skipped through the sentence and my brain made it look like ‘The main causation of global warming’

sigh. just… move along. nothing to see here. Imma go eat some paste.

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