After Wishes in MK would you rather take resort bus or your car?

Hi all,

I have heard that post the electrical parade, and even more so after wishes, that there is a mass exodus of folks leaving the parks. As a result, huge traffic jams occur. That said, if your were going to leave immediately afterwards, would you rather be relying on a resort bus back to Coronado Springs, or heading back to your own car at the TTC to drive to Coronado?

We will have 2 young kids with us so standing in a resort bus line, or monorail lines and TTC traffic for long periods of time does not sound good, but we really want to see the electrical parade at least (hopefully wishes too)

Should we avoid both options and just walk to the Contemporary and call uber? I assume that this is also a popular option and may cause problems?


I’d never thought of Uber, that’s an interesting idea!

Personally, I’d rather take the bus. I’m happier to stand in one line then to queue for the ferry, again for the tram, and then sit behind however many cars are before mine to exit the lot. But I also don’t drive at all, anywhere, so my opinion might not be the most useful.

I prefer to wait in the park for as long as possible after evening events. Chill, find somewhere to sit or lean, soak in the last few moments of the day (especially at MK). You might even be able to get ice cream for the kiddos. If they’re small enough to still be in strollers, they might even pass out for you.

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I agree with virtually @theredhead said. I NEVER try to leave the park immediately following any night time show. I rarely watch Wishes from MS (I’ve seen it enough times, and the crowds are just too much for me), so I get as far back in FL or FrL as possible, and stroll as slowly as possible toward the main gate. By the time I get there, the crazy crowds have thinned a bit. Ditto for being at the far side of WS in EP after IllumiNations.

I RARELY drive to MK - especially if I plan on staying until closing time. Yes, there is a wait for a bus, but there is also a wait for the mono or ferry, then a wait for a parking tram, then having to drive through all of the traffic back to the resort.

Agree with both. Don’t run out of the park right away. And I would take the bus.

I think it depends on where you watch Wishes from - if you watch from the Train Station in front of Main Street, then run quickly to the exits to get on the first bus. If you watch from anywhere else, then linger and let the crowds dissipate some.

Especially at MK you’ll have to wait on a line just to get to the parking lot so bus (or other transport) back to a resort is likely preferable for me. Although if bus, it’s going to be packed and you may not get a seat which depending on your traveling party could be an issue after a long day…

1 - watch the parade at the FRONT of the park (near town hall) and ditch out quickly at the very end
2 - Hang out in MK until the crowds have subsided

I would opt for the bus at MK since you always have to take “something” to get to your car.

However - if you did drive - when you leave (especially if you do ditch our right at parade end) - just check out the queues. If the monorail has no line - go for it. If it does - head for the ferry

My thing is - relax. I would rather just hang out a bit (if the kids haven’t melted)


The line for the bus to the parking lot is always pretty short. It’s much shorter than the resort bus lines and the monorail and ferry lines at MK during the times you are talking about.

Disney handles the bus crowds incredibly well in my experience. The queue may look intimidating, but they get people out very effectively and dispatch additional buses as needed.


If you’re going to take your car you’re going to have to get to the TTC, then get a tram to your area, then get in your car and then leave…10-.20 minutes or so later.

If you’re going to take the resort bus you might be packed in (okay you will be packed in – you might or might not have a seat, that’s the real question), but you’ll be “home” in about 20 minutes.

I’m takin the bus, every damn time.

The last time we took a bus in the evening from MK we waited through 3 buses and it was nearly 45 minutes after we lined up before we got on the bus. Then another 15 or 20 back to the resort, while standing. We drive now. Even if there is traffic we’re sitting and we can blast the AC.

The bus queue for Coronado Springs usually seems very manageable. In comparison to AoA or Pop, where you are guaranteed to stand for 2-3 cycles before getting on and then standing (because they pack you in).
Moderates & Deluxes in general will have many fewer folks waiting.
I often look over at the ferry and am thankful I’m not on it. :relieved:

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