After Hours - Touring Plan

Is there a way to add after hours to my touring plan. For 1/17 it isn’t showing as an option. Thank you!

Sadly, there isn’t a way to do DAH events in TP. DAH at MK is still pretty busy at times - especially with 1/17/20 being a holiday weekend. Plan on being able to do 4 - 5 “E-Ticket” rides, maybe multiple times, during those hours and/ or a smaller ride or character M&G.

There isn’t, and it’s not really needed anyway. The only ride that is notorious for having a longer wait is SDMT, so plan to do that later in the evening. Just figure out a plan that is logical- don’t keep criss-crossing the park, that would eat up a lot of time!

We did-
BTMR x 3
(we covered Tomorrowland earlier in the evening before the event started)


I’ve heard DAH is busier than they used to be. When we went in February 2017, we did (only during the event hours):

  • Tinkerbell
  • Talking Mickey
  • Buzz
  • AstroOrbiter
  • SM
  • Tmrw Spdwy
  • SDMT x 4
  • WtP
  • PPF
  • iasw
  • LM
  • HM

Hoping we can do about the same, minus SDMT x4, when we do VAH in April!

A TP isn’t really necessary, IMO. We went last February and did everything we wanted with little to no wait whatsoever. There were pockets where there were zero people around us.


When we went last summer (VAH), I added an itinerary in the notes section at the end of our evening TP just to help keep us on track. I’m doing the same thing for our DAH coming up in March; based on the known times it takes for each ride and approximating the walking distance from ride to ride, it gives us a realistic idea and a basic plan to follow.

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