After Hours Tickets

Hello, does anyone know whether After Hours events are generally held at Magic Kingdom through October - or does Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party mean it would not usually be available? Thank you

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 99.9% positive there are no MK DAH nights during the MNSSHP season.

Maybe EMM will be offered during that time though? In 2019, EMM wasn’t offered during the MNSSHP season, but that may be because the parks had extra-extra magic hours every morning at 7-8 am.

Though, MNSSHP, DAH, EMM, and EMH are probably anybody’s guess at this point, considering the parks will probably be operating very differently during the COVID era.


It looks like they were more common during the Halloween Party:

Only a couple during MVMCP time:

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Oh wow, you’re totally right! I didn’t realize that DAH was offered at MK during MNSSHP. That means that there’s basically an event almost every night!

Although, I’m curious to see if they will continue these offerings in the fall after seeing some of the proposed changes to park operations that have been floating around.


You didn’t see my theory where the day is broken up into 4 three Hour after hour events ( with an hour between each event)? :flushed:

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I honestly didn’t know either–I was about to respond about how I thought you were correct.

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I missed that! I haven’t been doing my due diligence lately. I like the theory. I think that would be a decent solution to some of the challenges right now. I did not like one theory I saw, where different parks would be open only to different subsets of guests on any given day (i.e. APs, on-site guests, off-site guests). That theory didn’t make much sense to me.