After Hours passholder discount question

Disney’s website says the Annual Passholder price for After Hours is $95 rather than $125. Presuming this stays the same next year (May 2020), what isn’t clear is if a passholder can buy multiple tickets at this price, or ONLY a ticket for himself.

Reason is, I plan to only obtain an annual passholder for ME, not the entire family. But I’m not sure if that makes only ME eligible for the discount. Just trying to figure it out from a budget perspective.

I bought three tickets and they did not ask who the other two were for.

I don’t know for sure for DAH, but I’ve been able to buy discount tour/event tickets for 4 with my AP.

Okay. Awesome.


I looked up the rule a few weeks ago and it is a limit of 4.

Oh. Okay. Good to know. I’d need to buy them for 5 of us, so at least one will be full price it sounds like.

I think this is another one of those scenarios when you make your least favorite family member stay home.

Which other scenarios fall into this category?


I don’t know. I feel like this is a common theme with @ryan1. One thing that comes to mind: 5 people don’t fit in a hotel room well.

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True. Our standby when we need a hotel has been Comfort Inn and Suites. They have suites that can accommodate everyone…even when we had 7 of us. Fitting only 5 is a bit of a luxury for us!