After hours party tickets

Having to make some changes to upcoming (12-11 to 12-16) trip since DD is now DCP and we are UOAP now. If we purchase Merriest After Hours tickets do they have to be paid for in full at the time of purchase or are they part of the package and included in the balance due?
Mary Jo

Yes, they are paid in full at time of purchase and are also non-refundable.

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Even though Disney states after hours tickets are nonrefundable, folks have been able to call this year and have their Boo Bash tickets refunded on an individual basis.

Disney really tries to work with guests needing to cancel right how.

Reports on WDW Lines Chat regarding refunds have been plentiful.

Correct. But they are stated as non refundable and one should never buy them and expect anything else, as likely as it may be that they would work with the guest.


I, personally, know someone who got a refund this year for Boo Bash, but Disney insisted it be put on a gift card.

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I know @hodgtrzm who isn’t on the forum a ton is in the UK and legally barred from entering the country and Disney still won’t refund her Boo Bash tickets!!

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Someone call? Can I clarify that I’m not personally barred from US for dodgy activity- just where I live!

I have a feeling that if I ever spoke to the correct person they might consider a refund under our circumstances but I’ve given up after over 8 hours on hold last Sunday and two other long attempts to get to the right team.

I did buy them knowing there was a risk we couldn’t travel yet and that technically we can’t have a refund- we will get there next august so will do whatever party is happening then so have effectively just prepaid

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just an update- I finally had a random email from Disney saying they’d refund the ticket value. No apology for hours spent on hold w a stream of CMs who couldn’t help. But guess it’s success!