After Hours Event Question

Since they let you in the park at 7:00pm for after hour events are you able to book a fastpass for 7:00 then? From what I understand you don’t get fastpasses for those events, but technically 7:00 is before the event starts so I would think you could for that hour.

When I did MNSSHP I was able to make FP+. I didn’t have a ticket for the day just to the party.They let people in at 4 for that so I was only able to make 2 within the alloted time before the party started.

Last year, I was able to make 2 FPP between 4 and 6 p.m. We did not have tickets for the day, just for MVMCP. Was able to use the FPP after being allowed to enter at about 3:45.

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If that is the only ticket you are using on that day you can make FPs for the event. I made
6:15, 7:30, and 8:30 FPs on an AH ticket to MK thatvwill take place next month. The park is open to all guests until 9. It is the only ticket we have for that day. I bought the event ticket and made FPs after my other days.

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Okay good to know. Thanks for the replies:).