After Hours check in

We have tickets to After Hours at Epcot & will arrive via skyliner. The tickets say to check in at main gate. How do we check in at main gate (front?) from the skyliner?

I have not been to After Hours at Epcot but I will say this was the most annoying aspect of AH at Hollywood and MK - this information was not published anywhere and we had to ask around.

If no one else here knows, I would ask at a guest services umbrella as they were able to call someone to find out where to go.

Hopefully they have changed this, but when we checked in the park, they did not give us the flyer that told you what was open. In MK they told us if we wanted that info we needed to go to the front of the park. I was able to find a picture online but for that cost, it was very annoying.

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