After-Fireworks Dessert Party Arrival

Happy Saturday! We have the After-FW Dessert Party (garden view) booked for a 9PM show. My reservation says 8PM, but that is all the info I’ve got. I know that we check-in at Tomorrowland Terrace, get our bracelets and then can head to the viewing area. Do I need to check in right at 8PM and head over or is that just the earliest we begin the process? If that’s the case, what is the latest we should be in garden view area?

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We have done the after fireworks dessert party several times–8 pm is typically the earliest you can check in. We have checked in a late as 10 minutes prior to the start of the fireworks, but it seems like the event is getting more popular so I probably wouldn’t recommend that.

Thanks. I’m hoping we can do more like an 8:15-8:30 arrival at the viewing area.

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I think that’s very reasonable. Most times we have done the dessert party everyone sat in the area even during the fireworks which was fabulous.

That’s great! I feel like every time I see the fireworks I end up with some 7 foot tall guy in front of me with his 12 year old on his shoulders!

I have to say, I made a big mistake showing up at 8:20 when my check in time was 8:00. The area was very crowded and we were squeezed in near the entrance. It is not always that busy but I will never show up late again.

The garden area was that crowded? So disappointing.

This was when we arrived. The clear path was the walkway they were keeping clear.

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That is crazy! Well, I had already decided that with the recent price increase that it just wasn’t worth it and that photo makes me even more confident in that decision.

I don’t think it is like that all the time. I just don’t think you can tell.

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Ugh. Wow.

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