After Exams

My Spanish 1 students are currently watching The Aristocats with subtitles and no sound because our group finished testing early but there is still an English final going on across the hallway. Any excuse for more Disney in my life.

171 days left!!!


Awesome!! My DD21 would have loved having you for a Spanish teacher!:slightly_smiling_face:

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They are rolling! Some of them have never watched this movie before so they are very confused but they love Napoleon and Lafayette.

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LOOOOOVE Abraham De Lacey Guiseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley!!!


No pueden escuchar? No bueno!

Ni pueden hablar. Ellos están locos pero yo estoy muy feliz :smiley: y eso es lo importante.

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Oh boy.

Now you’ve crossed into an area i don’t get

my spanish is muy muy poquito

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Nor can they talk. They are crazy but I am very happy and that is what’s important.


Están viendo los aristogatos, no importa que no puedan hablar ni oir!


We used to watch finding nemo in Spanish, those were my favorite days!

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That is today’s drug of choice!