After Easter vs Week Before 4th of July 2022?

Good afternoon everyone, hope you all have been staying safe and healthy. Our 2020 Disney vacation was canceled and we ultimately decided against it in 2021 but we are planning on returning in 2022. My question for the group, historically what has been the less crowded time to go, April vacation that immediately follows Easter, or the week before 4th of July? Here in my town April vacation is the third week of April and in 2022 Easter Sunday is essentially the beginning of April vacation. The other time we would consider would be the week before 4th of July (looking to leave Disney before 4th of July). I know trying to predict crowds now is a bit of a fool’s errand right now but historically what time would have been less crowded? Alternatively we could go after the 4th of July in the middle of July if that would be a lot better. Thanks again for everyone’s help!

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Easter week is typically the second busiest time behind Christmas. Depending on when Easter falls, the Spring Break crowds usually culminate at Easter and the week immediately following. But with Easter being so late next year, the Spring Break crowds will be a little more spread out. You can look at the crowd calendars from 2019 when Easter was on 4/21 to get a better idea. It looks like in 2019 the crowds were heaviest in middle and end of March (typical Spring Break for much of the country), with a ~2 week break of slightly lower crowds and then higher the week before Easter Sunday, then dropping off a little after Easter. So the week after might be alright in 2022.


We’ve gone a lot in the last week of June, and it hasn’t been terrible with crowds. In 2022, the 4th falls on a Monday, so I would avoid the weekend before. Something to consider is the weather. What bothers you more, heat or crowds? Also, there will be more rain in June/July. Personally, we we’ve gone in March with larger crowds than in June, but we had a much better time because the weather was so pleasant.

We went on Easter week in 2019 and I was prepared for huge crowds but it really wasn’t that bad. Most of the week, except for Easter Sunday itself, was absolutely manageable. And the weather was lovely. I think Easter was late that year, so it didn’t coincide with a lot of the spring break crowds.