After Dark at AK

Looking to have the night time experience at AK – KS. especially. Is there a switch on time (early July trip) or does the night time just start once it’s dark? Is KS going to be much different?

These are the questions that all of us anxiously await answers to.

Stay tuned.

I think it was on a podcast (or maybe a read it?) but I heard there is not an “official” time . The sunset Savannah transitions as it gets dark. I plan on booking a FP for a later time.

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I read that too, you need to check what time sunset is and book accordingly.


Reports from those people who have taken park in the nighttime safari, suggest that while the animals are more active, visibility is a problem.

Sunset is at 7:47 for the evening we’ll be there, so I’m planning on getting on KS between 7:50-8:15… it should be still light enough in the twilight to see the animals then.

We went to Night Safari at Singapore Zoo. They used low lighting and we easily saw lots of animals. Hopefully they will have taken information from such parks

The thing at Singapore Zoo Night Safari (which is superb) is that the animals are selected to be of interest to view after dark and the enclosures are specifically designed to facilitate such viewing. Here, at the moment at least, it seems to be the same old same old but in the dark with some new lights?