After 7 days on Fantasy, will we want more food at WDW?

We’re in Orlando for 2 extra days after our cruise is over. After 7 days on the Fantasy, are we going to want to eat TS meals at WDW? I’m thinking light or quick service fare might be a better idea, but I don’t want to miss my 180 days for booking restaurants if we’ll be up for it.

What did you all do after your cruise if you were touring?

We were definitely stuffed after our 4 day cruise, and were ready to eat less at WDW for the last 3 days of our vacation. But more than that, we suffered serious sticker shock!! After eating until bursting on the ship for “free,” we always panicked a little every time we wanted a meal at WDW when we saw the prices. So we did tend to eat more counter service options anyway, just to avoid paying so much. That was back when there was no penalty for cancelling ADRs last minute.

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Sticker shock… I hadn’t thought of that. I do hope I will at least have room (and funds) for one more round of Mickey Bars. :slight_smile:


there is always room in my budget for a round of Mickey bars. :yum:


I just got back from a WDW split with 3 days before & after our cruise. I went with 2 girlfriends and food was one of our main goals for the trip. We were totally in love with the restaurants and experiences before the cruise, but after we were less entranced. I think part of it was just eating for that long, but also the change in service levels. While we felt pampered at WDW before, after the cruise experience (and Palo especially!) the service at WDW seemed lackluster.