Affortable good food at animal kingdom

Satu’li Canteen. We ate there twice 2 weeks ago, everyone in our group of 7 was pleased with their meal. You could order the cheeseburger pod from the kids meals to save a little.


It can go either way. Everyone has different tastes, you might not like their food, or it might have been an off experience. What did you try, and what did you not like about it?

I can relate in a way:
I think Pecos Bill’s fajita platter and “fixin’s bar” are abysmal. The fajita platter was inedibly salty, and the fixin’s bar was bottom barrel, low grade everything.To some people, them’s fightin words.

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Thanks to my mobile order receipt email…I had the smoked pulled pork sandwich. It was gross. I’d remembered it as a bad experience until that receipt reminded me of exactly what it was I ate. Shudder. My husband had the 1/2 chicken and liked it fine but you could put salt and seasoning on a flip flop and he’d eat it.

I have a MK lunch with half the party ordering from Pecos Bills so I may look for another option. Thank you for the heads up. I’ve been quite skeptical of the fixings bar praise. Maybe Columbia Harbor House? We’re hoping to do take away to TSI so I’m looking for an option that will travel well.

CHH is a bit of a hidden gem.


Remember, that’s just my opinion of Pecos Bill’s. You might enjoy it far more than I did.
So, my question about Flame Tree - What didn’t you like about it? What made it gross? Why was it less than good? You might be better off not trying to force it. Just trying to figure out if it really was an off experience or you might just not like the pulled pork sammich. Also, your hubby - LOL!!!

Also, I’m with ObNurseNH on Columbia Harbor House. I’m a fan of the tuna sandwich and chips for a lighter, decently priced (for WDW) meal. Sometimes, Wallyworld is all about damage control when it comes to food choices.

I kinda like the spicy chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow, too, BUT, again, that sugar laden slaw just kills it for me.It borders on dessert sugary. I ask them to leave it off.

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I’m sorry we didn’t have CHH this trip. It’s another favorite.

I didn’t eat CHH food last trip, but I may or may not(but definitely did) have bought my kids Mickey bars then went to the upstairs to eat them in the quiet AC.

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