Aerosmith Rock n Roll coaster for 8 year old?

Has anyone taken their kids on this ride ? How did they do? I have s 8 year old that liked 7DMT and space mountain but not Mount Everest. How scary is it? I’d love to try it with him but don’t want him to be too scared

The thing with Rock n Rollercoaster is that it’s just so fast. It’s very smooth, but you are holding on for dear life. My 10yo screamed like the world was going to end. My 7yo just hung on. They both looked pretty pale when we got off. Neither one really liked it, but I’m sure some kids would.

My son loved RnR at that age, but he’s a bit of a thrill seeker. Honestly I think Everest is the more thrilling ride of the 2 - RnR has the fast start and an inversion though. RnR is relatively fast so you have less time to think about the ride versus Everest which has the couple of pauses and more suspense with the Yeti theming.

When he didn’t like Everest what happened? Did he throw a fit and it ruined the day? Or he just said “I don’t need to do that again - it was scary”? If the latter, I’d definitely try RnR. If the former, I’d think hard about it…

All depends on the kid. My son LOVED it

My son at the same age loved it. Like a poster says above its such a smooth ride

I loved it. I don’t like everest though. Don’t like it when it goes backwards!!

When my son rode Everest it scared him and he said he’d never ride it again. He went on space mountain a day or two later after that . All that happened 2 .5 years ago when he was 6

DD first rode RnRC when she was 8 and loves it, goes on it several times per trip, but Everest is a one-time per vacation only. She does complain about the music being rubbish though (her opinion not mine!)

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DS is now 9 and went on it for the first time last year. He was a bit unsure after his first ride. But he requested we add it to the list for the next trip and since then, it’s a must do for him. I showed him plenty of videos before we went on it and explained that the shoulder harness would absolutely hold him in when we went upside down. That was really his biggest concern!

If they do not like Everest, then Rock and Roller Coaster is even more intense, and I would not bring them on it at that young an age.

It was my 7 year old’s first coaster and he asked to get straight back on. He was a thrill seeker though, he rode everything and asked for more. He even did the coasters at UOR.

My then 8 yo loved it, it’s a must do for him this year at 10, but he also loved Everest and rode it 8 times in a row at night one evening. It’s not a ride I would force a kid on because it is pretty intense.

We “push” our kids to experience things. Now as a whole we are a timid family (none of us like horror films / combat films / anything with any type of gore etc). However I am a rollercoaster junky. We took the kids on Dinosaur, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain etc.

Sometimes they protest a bit, we do it and they run to get in line again. Others - they don’t want to do again. My daughter was little (4?) and we did Dinosaur - afterwards “I would really prefer not to do that again” So we didn’t

So give it a shot - if they like it - do it again - if they don’t like it - well it’s 2 minutes they didn’t like

My 7 yoliked it the first time Byron the 2nd ride it jerked his head and he banged his ear on the harness and was crying when we got off. It is a very jerky ride and I would suggest anyone remove earring before riding

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