Hello everyone,

I rented DVC points and am having some trouble with the owner. Anyone end up in a difficult situation and was able to resolve? I’ve done this multiple times before with no issue but not with this owner. Any advice would be helpful.


I guess it would depend on what the nature of the problem is and if you have any type of written agreement…

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Agreed. What kind of problem? Did you check them out on the deeds registry first? And have you paid them any money?

The more you can tell us the more likely we can help.

I did check deeds registry. Unfortunately no written agreement other than emails. The owner had enough points to do most of my reservation at their home resort but had to wait until 7mo window to add the last night. I have confirmation of the original res (1 night short) and it still shows in MDE. Back in October they reached out and reminded me that the window was opening so they went ahead and made a reservation and were in the process of bridging the two so that I’d have what we originally agreed to. Since we had all the information for the original res and it worked out with linking I took their word for it and sent the money for the last night. All communication stopped for about 2 weeks, then the owner apologized and said that they had been out sick with their son and hadn’t finished the bridging. I understood and have replied multiple times asking for an update but now get no response.

I think the fact that you can still see the original reservation in MDE is a positive. If they were really out to scam you I would have expected that to have disappeared PDQ after getting the money for the last night.

So it may genuinely be that their son is very sick. But that doesn’t help you.

When did you last hear from them? Maybe email them again and add a “reply received” to it (the one that sends you notification that they’ve read it).

Other things you can do, which I’m sure you have because you’ve said you have rented before. But maybe helpful to others.
Where did you get their details from? Check their status, post count and so-on. Do they seem legit? Any hints on the forums there that there’s an issue, have they posted anything referring to their son being sick? Ultimately you could contact the Admin and let them know there’s a problem. Not that they can necessarily help but they can take action for the future.
For more peace of mind you could try googling them and see if you can get a phone no. If so, does this match the area that is listed on the deeds?

Otherwise I guess you can contact your bank or however you paid them and see if there’s any way to dispute the transaction, if it comes to that.

I really hope it works out OK. Keep us posted.